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Cloud4Wi: Unleashing A Unique and Innovative Location-based Marketing Platform

The Executive Headlines

Currently, numerous organizations are on the lookout for abridging underlying gaps in the sales funnel. In such instances, location-based marketing  platforms help remove barriers to sales. These platforms create a ripple effect on businesses by helping brands as well as companies generate more revenue while increasing brand awareness in a cost-effective manner. 

In the present business scenario, several platforms are emerging to offer comprehensive services to help businesses abridge the underlying gaps. However, only a handful of them have stood out in the crowd with their tailored and unique range of location-based marketing. A prime illustration of companies changing the way companies connect with customers is Cloud4Wi, a comprehensive enterprise-class location-based marketing platform. Using Cloud4Wi, companies can provide customers with timely location-aware messaging both inside and outside their locations.


Founded by Visionary Expert


Cloud4Wi was founded by Andrea Calcagno (CEO) and Davide Quadrini (CTO) with a group of key people who continue to serve as active members of the team. Andrea has spent the past two decades in various sectors such as retail, technology, and others, building a primary professional connection with key Executives on a global scale in the top Fortune 500.

He started his career at Telecom Italia Labs in Turin where he performed advanced research and development activities on mobile access networks, receiving international patents on mobile broadband architectures. Andrea decided to start Cloud4Wi with his co-founder when they realized the presence of an opportunity to bring an easy solution to understand customer behaviors in the physical locations.


Expanding Global Presence


Established in 2014, Cloud4Wi was initially headquartered in Pisa, Italy. The company later shifted its corporate offices to San Francisco in 2014 after the series A financing round from United Ventures. In 2017, Cloud4Wi close a million-dollar Series B financing round—bringing its total investment to $11.5 Million—which was co-led by Opus Capital and United Ventures.

Further in 2019, the company moved its corporate office to New York City to expand its global presence and boost growth in the USA. However, San Francisco continues to remain a crucial office for Cloud4Wi to build long-term partnerships with the technology vendors based in Silicon Valley.


Enterprise-Class Platform for Location Marketing


Cloud4Wi offers the most comprehensive location-based marketing platform that helps companies connect with customers in more relevant ways. By using the platform, companies can deliver a fully customizable guest WiFi at their locations for an enhanced on-site mobile experience, while gaining actionable customer location data through the WiFi network or mobile apps. As a result, companies can gain knowledge about their customers and how they behave in the physical world. Feeding this data into their existing MarTech stack, companies can then design breakthrough journeys that are tailored to each customer’s requirements.

Cloud4Wi unleashes countless mobile-focused use cases with and without mobile apps, inside and outside the company’s locations. It helps companies bring customer location data into their existing tools in just a few clicks through 50+ ready-to-use connectors. Moreover, companies can remain compliant with data protection regulations on a global scale with granular control over data processing.

Since its establishment, Cloud4Wi has extended its offering with powerful capabilities. In December 2021 the company acquired GeoUniq. By combining its location-based marketing platform with GeoUniq’s location SDK, Cloud4Wi’s clients were able to gain visibility into customer behaviors beyond their physical locations. Further in March 2022, the company added its ‘Passpoint’ feature to streamline the sign-up process and automatic collection of customer location data, with a 100% consent-based approach.


Led by Bright Minds and Core Values


Cloud4Wi is operated by a dynamic team full of bright minds who are passionate about their work and are seeking people who want to make an impact. At its core, the team is guided by the company’s core values. Additionally, it aims to continue working with the same passion, honesty, and integrity in the future.

The team of Cloud4Wi is empowered by its unique and diverse company culture. With Italian roots, Cloud4Wi has created a fun fusion of Italian-American work environment that is a perfect amalgamation of Italian values and American execution. Besides its uplifting culture, Cloud4Wi’s core values define what is important to its people:

  • Innovation: Cloud4Wi is passionate about making a tangible difference for its clients and their customers.
  • Teamwork: The company works together to meet our goals and, in turn, to help its clients meet their goals.
  • Equality: It creates an inclusive and diverse environment where its people can bring their whole selves to work.
  • Integrity: Cloud4Wi builds trust with its stakeholders through responsible actions and honest relationships.


Robust Control during Crisis


Although the global COVID-19 pandemic posed several challenges for Cloud4Wi, its enterprise customer base helped the company steer through it and re-start its growth. The company also had a robust control of its cost structure. Moreover, Cloud4Wi shifted its execution from an office mindset to a full remote execution that helped improve its collaboration solutions, allowing the team to adapt to a new work lifestyle. Currently, it is adopting a hybrid approach to work, allowing people to move back to the office if they want.


Envisioning Global Leadership


To date, Cloud4Wi has successfully catered to its latest and evolving client requirements. The company is widely recognized for its unique selling propositions and array of solutions and for which, the company has earned various awards and recognition. In 2021 and in the first months of 2022, it bagged multiple awards and was included in multiple reports from top industry analysts for its commitment to innovation. It also secured important partnerships with leading companies such as Microsoft and HubSpot.

Cloud4Wi aims to continue serving its clients in a holistic manner. The company has envisioned profound proliferation in the future. In the next five years, it affirms that there will be no difference between the physical and digital customer journey. With that said, Cloud4Wi seeks to become the world’s leading platform that will be used by innovative brands worldwide for building new compelling customer journeys by embracing customer location data.




Cloud4Wi offers the most comprehensive enterprise-class platform for location marketing that helps companies connect with customers in more relevant ways.


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