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Cadence SEO: Pioneering Growth Strategies to Drive Revenue as well as Development

Cadence SEO
The Executive Headlines

Established in July 2020, Cadence specializes in SEO consulting for businesses of any size. This includes its specialization as digital marketing consultants as well as assistance with Cold Email Outreach. The company helps businesses reach their full SEO potential. Cadence also specializes in developing growth strategies that drive traffic to the clients’ websites and generate revenue. 

At the helm, Christy Olsen  spearheads as the Digital Strategy Architect. She is the backbone of the company. Her vision for SEO started years ago while working at a large agency where she cut her teeth on all things SEO. Her vision is to bring better & more affordable service to the industry and position CadenceSEO as one of the Fastest growing agencies out there. 

Passionate for its Clients

One of the major factors that distinguish Cadence from its competitors is its passion for the clients. The company works closely with its clients and listens to their needs to integrate its SEO knowledge with the clients’ particular industry knowledge. Cadence provides numerous advantages to its clients including the flexibility and ability to pivot on a time, agility in building strategies, no contract is required to work and seamless communication with weekly client calls, touchpoints, as well as a non-stop reporting aspect. 

Key Client Relationship Principles

Cadence operates on 4 key principles when it comes to client relationships. 

  • Communication is Paramount to Success: With a belief that an open line of communication is what makes for a success campaign and relationship, Cadence begins its client relationships with weekly check in calls until it feels that they are no longer necessary but then move to at minimum bi-weekly.
  • You are never stuck: Cadence’s relationships function essentially a month to month basis, with a 2 week out at any time for any reason. Although most of its clients stay for long term. 
  • Access to SME’s: Working with CadenceSEO means that you will be working subject matter experts. Your main point of contact should be able to answer most questions upfront but you will also have access to the whole team to get your questions answered expeditiously. 
  • SEO is not Pandora’s Box: SEO is not full of secrets or magic pixie dust. Cadence helps make sense of what it is doing, while educating client along the journey. The more the team knows and understands the easier its job because and the more successful clients  will be. 

A Team of SEO Nerds

CadanceSEO is a team of SEO Nerds that love the Digital Marketing space. The company specializes in SEO Consulting and Digital Marketing advice while its team is ready and available to tackle your next project. 

The abundance of data available today has posed a challenge for the businesses in the market research and data analytics industry to segregate useful information. Cadence’s team, however, has thorough industry experience—which it leverages to separate important data from the data that has limited value. This has allowed the company to know what data sources to turn to when it comes to evaluating a market climate. 

Proliferative Client Base

Numerous companies have started to inculcate automation in their data management processes. At Cadence, automation is somewhat in place with the use of specialized industry resources, however, the company still makes sure it is manually evaluating the data internally. 

Courtesy of the increased demand for market research during the pandemic, Cadence’s client base grew almost tenfold. Moreover, as a majority of its team members were already working from home, Cadence was able to seamlessly adapt to the new normal. On a personal level having to work from home and homeschooling their children was a challenge for Kevin and his wife. However, they managed to meet the challenges head-on as they grew the company in response to the need for market research and data analytics. 

“CadenceSEO values transparency, communication, and engagement in our services so clients can feel like they’re involved in the process every step of the way.”