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Boostlingo: Redefining Interpretation Technology Solutions

Bryan Forrester
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In today's world, communication is key. With the vast array of languages spoken around the globe, it's important to have access to interpretation services that can bridge language barriers. That's why technology has been a game-changer in the interpretation industry, allowing for quick and efficient communication between people who speak different languages.

One company that has been at the forefront of this technology is Boostlingo. Their platform unites all the necessary components for the management and coordination of interpretation-related tasks, making it easier for people to get the language support they need - whether it's over-the-phone or video remote interpreting.

Under the visionary leadership of Bryan Forrestor, Co-founder and CEO, the company has emerged as a game-changer in interpretation software and technology solutions. Based in Austin, Texas, Boostlingo is focused on defining the next generation of interpretation technology, revolutionizing how language service companies connect with interpreters and deliver seamless communication experiences.

The distinguishing feature of Boostlingo lies in its adaptable software, which is compatible with all devices and can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of language service providers. The paramount concern is adherence to regulations, with Boostlingo guaranteeing that its software complies with all prevailing regulatory and security standards. This unwavering commitment to compliance ensures an uninterrupted and secure encounter for both language service providers and their customers.

The Boostlingo software platform presents an all-encompassing array of attributes that are tailored to enhance interpretation services. The platform comprises customized mobile apps that link clients with interpreters, as well as OPI (over-the-phone interpretation) and VRI (video remote interpretation) delivery systems, providing a comprehensive set of tools for language service companies. The platform boasts multitiered administration and configuration controls, internet and phone-based routing systems, onsite interpretation scheduling tools, and analytics, among other features, that enable businesses to optimize their operations and augment customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Boostlingo's appointment geo-tracking services facilitate efficient scheduling and monitoring of interpretation sessions.

In a bid to augment their dedication to pioneering advancements, Boostlingo has recently integrated remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) into their sophisticated video conference platform, VoiceBoxer. This diversification of services empowers language service companies to bundle their features, thereby furnishing their clients with a cohesive and all-encompassing interpretation solution.


Let us explore their extraordinary odyssey in greater depth!


Boostlingo's All-in-One Platform

Boostlingo provides a comprehensive interpretation platform, BoostIMS, which is an all-in-one solution that allows legal firms to procure the services of skilled interpreters worldwide and manage interpretation administration seamlessly. According to Bryan Forrester, Boostlingo's Co-founder and CEO, "We cater to the needs of legal firms by providing a complete interpretation platform that is tailored to their specific requirements, whether it involves searching for interpreters, scheduling them, or overseeing their work."

Boostlingo initially facilitated the expansion of language service companies (LSCs) by automating their interpretation management workflow and virtual interpretation technology. However, it has now evolved into a valuable asset for legal establishments to advise and support their non-English speaking clientele.


Streamline Scheduling and Maximize Efficiency

The BoostIMS platform offers legal firms a unique solution to streamline the process of scheduling and managing interpreters. By leveraging advanced automation technology, the platform allows firms to enhance the overall efficiency of their case operations while reducing their administrative workload. With BoostIMS, firms can easily schedule and assign the most appropriate interpreter for each case, while minimizing the risk of misunderstandings. The platform filters all available interpreters based on their service, language, and specialty, as well as their pricing, workload, and availability. This enables firms to make informed bookings in real time.

In addition, BoostIMS handles billing and payments, sharing invoices with interpreters for a seamless and hassle-free experience. The platform also keeps track of key data such as the number of appointments and languages used, ensuring that payments are accurate and fair.

Overall, BoostIMS offers legal firms a powerful tool to optimize their interpreter management processes, leading to increased operational efficiency and improved client satisfaction.


Transforming Language Interpretation

Boostlingo has created an innovative solution called BoostOnDemand, which enables establishments to schedule interpretation services for temporary use. By means of BoostOnDemand, establishments can effortlessly choose the language and a proficient interpreter and provoke a telephone or video call to obtain an immediate interpretation for their continuing legal affairs. This resolution has the potential to revolutionize the current decentralized work atmosphere, as there is no need for legal professionals or interpreters to be physically present in the same room or geographical region to give or receive the service.

Merrie Wallace, the Chief Revenue Officer at Boostlingo, highlights the ease with which clients can avail of language interpretation services on demand, much like the convenience of using Uber or DoorDash. Even in scenarios where interpreter services are necessitated within penitentiaries, BoostOnDemand can prove to be a valuable asset for legal providers and interpreters to access and deliver the service remotely, without compromising their safety.

Employing the means of over-the-phone (OPI) and video remote interpreting (VRI) can effectively curtail interpretation expenses by eliminating the need to provide full compensation for a permanent interpreter's travel expenditures.


Ensuring Flawless Communication Every Time

Enhancing the linguistic capabilities of its platform, Boostlingo has compiled a vast and diverse database of professional interpreters, the Boostlingo Database of Professional Interpreter Network (BPIN), comprising a staggering 17,000 skilled interpreters who are fluent in over 300 languages. This comprehensive database is a fusion of the foremost Language Service Companies (LSCS) that constitute Boostlingo's extensive global network of highly qualified interpreters. Boostlingo prides itself on being accountable for its qualified legal interpreters, ensuring that no legal case is ever abandoned due to any interpretative limitations. In the unlikely event that a scheduled interpreter is unavailable, Boostlingo expeditiously connects with another interpreter from its expansive network, guaranteeing seamless and effective service provision.

Boostlingo adheres to a rigorous quality assurance protocol when integrating any new interpreter into its network. The process commences with a meticulous screening procedure, where the language access team conducts quarterly audits on resumes to verify the candidate's expertise and certification in legal terminology. Upon successful onboarding, Boostlingo's interpreters undergo intensive interpretation training to conform to the high-grade audio and video benchmarks, as the company firmly believes in the adage, "You are only as good as your last call." These supplementary measures mitigate technical glitches and guarantee seamless delivery of service.

Similar to a maritime crew, each and every member of Boostlingo's linguistic support unit has contributed to the organization's voyage into the unknown realms of technology with a sense of wonder and excitement, all while maintaining a swift and consistent trajectory.


Revolutionizing Immigration Services

Boostlingo's interpretation platform proved to be invaluable for an immigration client on a particular occasion. The client, who was collaborating with South American migrants, encountered numerous linguistic obstacles. Due to inadequate resources, the firm was unable to hire a full-time interpreter for each language that was presented to them.

Upon integrating Boostlingo's interpretation platform, the enterprise was able to efficiently cater to a larger number of communities in a cost-effective manner. Whether their obligations entail visiting customs or border patrol offices, the company is equipped with an interpreter accessible through any device. Thus, the legal professionals were able to conserve administrative time and efficiently tend to their clients during billable hours.


Boostlingo Soars to New Heights

In reference to the expansion of the enterprise, Forrester affirms, "The vast possibilities of the world lay before us, and we have only just begun." Boostlingo's dexterity is burgeoning and reaching beyond its initial focus on legal entities to furnish access to language abilities in diverse sectors such as education and healthcare. In 2022, Boostlingo procured VoiceBoxer and rebranded it as BoostEvents, with the aim of facilitating multilingual functions such as webinars, virtual meetings, or hybrid events for organizations. BoostEvents can be effortlessly tailored and integrated with other communication platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Webex.

Boostlingo has recently acquired Intelligence Interpreter, now rebranded as Boost II, a sophisticated platform designed to automate and optimize interpretation workflows for large language service communication systems. Boostlingo is committed to remaining at the forefront of the industry with Boost II, as well as its other branches, including BoostIMS, BoostOnDemand, and BoostEvents, all of which are aimed at simplifying language access and interpretation procedures.