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OpticWise: A Market Leader Propelling with Comprehensive Proptech Solutions

The Executive Headlines

OpticWise is entirely focused on helping property owners and operators provide tenants with a sophisticated, seamless, and secure data network solution while turning a building’s network and in-building connectivity into a tenant retention tool as well as a profit center. 

Marketing via Thought Leadership

OpticWise markets through thought leadership and does various presentations to industry groups including a fair amount of pro-bono work with the intention of enhancing the industry as a whole. The company firmly believes that rising tides raise all boats and therefore, OpticWise inevitably attracts like-minded clients through various efforts. 

Led by an Industry Pioneer

At the helm of OpticWise, Bill Douglas spearheads as the Chief Executive Officer. Bill has created, sold, acquired, and exited numerous enterprises over his career. He has received a US Patent, made the INC growth list, among other honors, and is a mechanical engineering graduate of MIT's Entrepreneurial Master's Program and the esteemed Georgia Tech. He is a proptech visionary focused on monetizing technology assets for commercial real estate. He's a lifetime entrepreneur, having started, sold, acquired, and exited multiple businesses, made the INC & others growth lists, awarded a US Patent, and more. He's a mechanical engineering graduate from Georgia Tech and of the Entrepreneurial Master’s Program at MIT.

Throughout his career, Bill has been taught and shaped by many experiences, and he is passionate about giving back by assisting others in developing and succeeding. Speaking of his professional endeavors, Bill admires startups and is extremely passionate about the myriad, worldwide consequences and opportunities that arise from the convergence of IoT, DT, 5G, and UX technologies. Motivating factors include finding solutions to issues in order to satisfy market demands, growth, disruption, forming teams, fostering cultures, and having a beneficial impact on the world. His basic personal beliefs include being a present and active father, enjoying life to the fullest, giving back with gratitude, and having a positive impact on others.

At the age of 12, Bill became an entrepreneur. He turned a simple job into a small business that created several jobs and benefitted many people. Upon seeing fascinating results, Bill focused on turning every problem he encountered into an opportunity. Currently, Bill spearheads the company and propels it to greater heights. 

Array of Comprehensive Solutions

OpticWise specializes in providing fully managed proptech solutions that change the value equation for providing state-of-the-art communication infrastructures to tenants. The company provides the following services/solutions: 

  • Scalable Carrier
  • Hardened & redundant
  • Secure IoT-Enabled Networks
  • Data Privacy
  • Wi-Fi Expertise
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • Broadband
  • New Construction
  • Retrofits & Upgrades
  • Real Estate Expertise

OpticWise has a successful customer base. The company achieves this by following the philosophy of “One customer at a time”. Bill believes each raving fan is a lead source for more customers. The company takes care of the clients, who further spread the word. OpticWise works with its clients on three main points: mobility, resilience & protection, and their building-of-things™ strategies. Once those are fully understood, it designs the digital infrastructure(s) for their commercial real estate properties while working with them through delivery, installation, testing, and going live. Typically, the company manages the core pieces that impact tenants, all while fully servicing the tenants.

Monetizing Assets for Customers

OpticWise monetizes technology assets for commercial real estate owners. It takes what was traditionally an expensive headache and turns it into a profitable endeavor. It’s out of the ordinary because the company focuses on the tenant’s experience while providing services that drive NOI for the owner, all while reducing OpEx and increasing resilience. In addition to its offerings, OpticWise listens and caters to the solutions to fit its client’s needs including their needs, property and culture.  

Moreover, OpticeWise’s 5S™ user experience sums up the tenant benefits: Seamless mobility, Security, Speed, Stability, and Service. The company’s Commercial Firewall service generates income for property owners. Its Digital Infrastructure Management service reduces expenses and increases efficiencies. It relies on the major manufacturers to integrate its software and equipment into its platform, thus enabling the 5S™ solution to be widely and successfully utilized by tenants.

Proliferating as a Market Leader

To date, OpticWise has performed brilliantly in catering to its client requirements and providing comprehensive services and solutions. With that said, Bill envisions a radiant future for the company, quoting that it's “already a market leader”. The company continues to experience significant, sustained growth. It is currently attracting high-performing talent and clients. In a few years, OpticWise will be driving further ahead with new initiatives to set standards across the industry and benefit everyone, not just its clients.

“OpticWise is focused entirely on helping property owners and operators provide tenants with a sophisticated, seamless, and secure data network solution.”