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Award Pool: Empowering Brands and Creators with Engagement Features

Award Pool
The Executive Headlines

Award Pool is a cutting-edge white-label platform that provides brands and creators with a suite of engagement tools and features to build, engage, reward, and monetize their communities with unique experiences and digital rewards. Today's customers are online and active in communities and social circles within the games they play and websites they love. Award Pool enables brands to tap into this market and keep customers engaged through social media challenges, creating a new way to move forward. Users can easily participate in challenges and competitions to earn points, prizes, and customizable Non-Fungible Token (NFT) rewards via an intuitive and easy-to-use platform.

The platform is also ideal for gamers, who can participate in challenges and competitions, earn points, blockchain FT-based rewards, and redeem prizes through the user-friendly Award Pool platform. By using Award Pool, brands can establish and strengthen relationships with their customers, ultimately building a loyal and engaged community.

About the Leader

Brenda Cohen is the Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Award Pool. She has a diverse background, having grown up in the backwoods of British Columbia and later navigating the busy streets of Tokyo. Her favorite award was from the Tokyo Azabu Fire Department for putting out a street fire she discovered as a teenager.

Brenda's passion for writing led her to pursue a career as a published author, copywriter, Creative Director, and marketing lead. However, her proudest moment was starting Award Pool with her husband, Reuven, and involving their three kids in the process. Brenda is an honest, creative, and kind person who believes in making the world a little better for everyone around her.

As the CMO of Award Pool, Brenda's goals include offering the platform to everyone, everywhere, to engage fans and grow their business. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her dog, painting abstractly, and baking for family and friends. Brenda lives by the motto "You’ll never regret being kind" and believes that a walk in the forest can solve writing blocks and dampened spirits. Her future plans include traveling the world with her family, working on her next book, and starting another company with her key business partners - Reuven and the kids.

Story behind Award Pool

The idea behind the inception of Award Pool took shape when Reuven Cohen, Co-founder and CEO, and his family were weeks away from opening an esports training facility in West Toronto. The idea was to provide a safe and inclusive environment for Gen Z to gather and game together, while also learning about STEM through gaming and game development classes. However, when the pandemic hit in March 2020, a physical location for Gen Z to gather was no longer viable, and they had to pivot. Reuven and Brenda asked themselves, "What do we know?" The answer was how to build a website and start a business.

Reuven spent four months building the architecture of an automated end-to-end esports competition, engagement, and management platform, which he named Award Pool. He also involved his family in the project, with his son Finnegan helping him create the chat system, Brenda developing the business plan and marketing plan with their older son, Sam, and their daughter, Isla, designing the logo and defining the colors and style of the website. As the project progressed, the family learned from each other, with Reuven and Brenda teaching their kids about ownership, stock options, sales, and marketing tactics, and the kids providing insight into what Gen Z was interested in and what bored them.

Award Pool evolved to focus on engaging the digital generation in new ways, with game integration and competitions, as well as social actions and challenges for users to complete to receive unique NFT rewards. The company now offers content creators and brands a way to reach the digital generation in a meaningful and exciting way, while Gen Z still gets to play games together, have fun, and win amazing prizes. To Reuven and Brenda, Award Pool will always be a pivot their family took when the world shut down, and they were left to depend on creativity and drive to make something happen.

Offering Unique Set of Features

Award Pool offers a wide range of platform features that cater to different business needs. One of its key features is its customizability and multi-blockchain support. Businesses can mint assets on any blockchain and purchase them using any cryptocurrency. Additionally, they can add their own branding and messaging to the platform to ensure that it aligns with their company goals.

Another noteworthy feature is its educational engagement, which allows businesses to use the platform for educational purposes, such as training programs or tutorials. They can also incorporate QR codes and NFC tap technology to enhance user engagement and make the platform more interactive.

Award Pool also provides third-party integrations, allowing businesses to easily connect with other software and services. They can create custom attributes on-the-fly and integrate the platform with webhooks, making it easier to manage data and automate processes. Additionally, the platform is designed with eco-sustainability in mind, ensuring that it has a low carbon footprint.

The platform is also well-suited for social engagement, sports and fan engagement, and loyalty programs. It has a point reward system that incentivizes users to complete challenges and take certain actions. Businesses can also issue gift cards and mint NFTs, which can be used as collectibles or for prize redemption.

Working Together to Make a Difference 

The team behind Award Pool is a diverse group of professionals with a shared passion for technology, marketing, NFT, and gaming. With their combined experience, they possess a range of skills necessary to create a cutting-edge platform that can connect brands and content creators with their communities. The team is composed of individuals from various backgrounds, including marketing, writing, art, IT, programming, design, esports, and small business ownership. This diversity of expertise allows them to bring a unique perspective to the development and design of the platform.

Given their background in marketing, the team understands the importance of creating an engaging and innovative platform that can capture the attention of audiences and incentivize community engagement. Additionally, with experience in NFTs and gaming, they can ensure that the platform's features are tailored to meet the needs of the community of gamers and NFT enthusiasts. Their passion for technology and dedication to providing the best user experience is evident in the quality of the platform they have developed.