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AutoVitals: Driving Results Never Before Possible with Traditional Paper-based Systems

The Executive Headlines

AutoVitals is one of the leading software development companies which is obsessed with enabling auto repair shops to achieve results never before possible with traditional paper-based methods.


Founded in 2009, AutoVitals is a privately held company with its office situated in San Diego, California. The company specializes in services like local search, highly effective web design, SEO, SEM, shop productivity, CRM, retention, digital shop, workflow, shop management, DVI, text communication auto repair software, website, and auto repair shops among many others. One of its popular services is the Digital Shop ® Advantage, which means the most innovative and impactful products, a commitment to developing and instilling industry best practices in everything the company does, and the automotive industry’s most thriving and collaborative online community.


Operating on Core Values


AutoVitals functions on 5 basic core values. The company is customer-focused and is obsessed with driving client results and client success. Being easy to work with, it is responsive and listens to its client's and partners’ queries. Having gained recognition as an innovative company, AutoVitals stands fearless and undertakes the challenge of finding a better way to every aspect. Moreover, it is committed to a learning mindset. The company always ensures being impactful by valuing results over activities. It approaches every scenario with an analytical and result-oriented mindset. AutoVitals also ensures setting the bar high while expecting the best from itself, each other as well as its clients.


Speaking of accountability, AutoVitals takes ownership of everything. The company is acting and committed to its goals. As a result, it has earned the badge of being a reliable company within the industry that is further committed to fearless execution and high-quality work.


In addition to the above, the company adheres to the principles of authenticity. It is objective, open-minded, transparent, and direct, always respectful, and enjoys working together and being supportive.


An Array of Result-oriented Services and Solutions


Whether you are looking to get started with digital vehicle inspections, have been effectively using DVI but are ready for more, or are looking for the most advanced automotive repair shop software available, AutoVitals has what your shop needs to reach its goals. All of AutoVitals’ solutions are driven by how motorists interact with your shop and how clients can optimize their internal shop operations to best serve motorists. The company’s industry expert trainers provide guidance and support to the clients every step of the way. With over 4,000 shops and automotive repair experts in our Facebook Forum, our thriving online community of AutoVitals users, partners and fans are excited to share best practices and help the transition to become a digital shop. AutoVitals combines the most critical tools for your shop’s success in one complete solution, integrated with your POS to grow ARO, maximize bay & tech utilization, retain loyal customers, increase car count, and drive profitable growth.


DVI.X or Digital Vehicle Inspections is one of the popular services offered by AutoVitals. It is mostly formulated for shops looking to take the first step in their digital journey as well as for industry-leading digital vehicle inspections with a built-in picture editor, internal chat, and conversation center. Another of its popular offerings is the Web. X which provides custom websites and digital marketing solutions to enhance customer loyalty and retention through custom websites, appointment management, and review. Through this, users can garner high-performance, custom website and online appointment forms as well as a CRM to manage customer marketing campaigns, outreach, and appointments. The sites developed by AutoVitals consistently ace the Google Lighthouse Performance test with high marks for SEO, performance, and consumer accessibility straight from Google. With the ability to track and manage your website performance, users can gain data insights to better measure success and achieve revenue goals.


At the Forefront:


At the forefront of AutoVitals, Jon Belmonte spearheads as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Jon was drawn to AutoVitals by the company’s unwavering commitment to enabling automotive repair & maintenance shops to meet their true potential. Jon previously led successful technology companies such as Active Network (ACTV) and Cursive Labs. He’s passionate about family, America, and the new family Volvo XC60 and helping business owners succeed.


“AutoVitals is the only complete Shop Success Solution to drive profitable growth for your shop.”


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