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AppOmni: A Market Leader in Offering Optimum SaaS Protection

The Executive Headlines

AppOmni makes it easy to protect every app in the SaaS stack. All organizations using SaaS need the right processes and tools in place to secure the data housed in their SaaS applications, and to keep it secure over time. As the footprint and complexity of an organization’s SaaS environment grow, the exposure to risk increases.

At the helm of the company, Brendan O'Connor spearheads as the CEO and Co-founder while leading the entire team with his leadership. AppOmni’s executives are leaders in their respective fields and are alumni of the most respected SaaS and Security companies. They work collaboratively to set AppOmni’s direction and deliver outstanding solutions and support for the customers.


Array of Security Expertise, Insights and Continous Monitoring


Most businesses use dozens, if not hundreds, of SaaS applications. As SaaS applications have matured, the complexity and variance in settings present challenges in ensuring proper configurations, which can lead to security gaps and data exposure. AppOmni offers security expertise, insights, and continuous monitoring for a broad range of SaaS applications. Our Developer Platform extends our in-depth coverage to any SaaS app, including all SaaS vendors and custom SaaS apps built in-house.

It’s surprisingly difficult for most security teams to see who—and what—has access to their SaaS data. AppOmni makes it easy for IT and security teams to see data access and ensure that configurations match business intent. Customers use AppOmni to manage:

  • Internal employee provisioning
  • Security configurations and permission sets
  • Connected 3rd party applications
  • Guest user access and IoT devices
  • Actionable Insights

Since security teams can’t keep up with every update and nuance across their SaaS ecosystem, AppOmni does that. The company tells exactly what is needed to focus on and the actions needed to take to keep the SaaS data secure while eliminating excess noise. 

The company also offers increased automation. From vendor updates to onboarding and offboarding users to newly connected 3rd party apps, SaaS environments are constantly changing. AppOmni gives security teams an easy and automated way to continuously monitor their SaaS applications to maintain security and reduce risk.


World-Class Security Automation


The company’s team builds world-class security automation that is easy to use, impactful to its customers and improves the security of SaaS applications. It believes in being a trusted and transparent partner to our customers. AppOmni is committed to delivering high-quality, dependable software that helps drive action. It understands the needs and goals of security, compliance, and IT teams. Its platform is designed and built by engineers with deep experience in security. 

The company also focuses on delivering clear, reliable, and actionable insights to its users without any FUD. It believes in cultivating excellence – both within ourselves and in the work that it does. Moreover, the team of customer-centric, data-driven experts shares a passion to create tools for the greater good. AppOmni is determined to make a difference by securing the technology that is changing the world.

By valuing its people, and knowing that wellness and a healthy work/life balance enable them to thrive and bring us their best. Autonomous schedules, flexible commutes, and freedom from punching a clock mean our team is empowered to enjoy life, work when inspired, and be available when needed.

AppOmni offers the following solutions: 

  • Enterprise Level SaaS Security
  • Security Posture Management
  • Threat Detection & Activity Monitoring
  • 3rd Party App Management​
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Continuous Controls Monitoring
  • Automated Workflow​
  • DevSecOps & CI/CD Integration
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance

The company also supports various SaaS apps like Microsoft 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Workday and many more. 


AppOmni Developer Platform


The AppOmni Developer Platform, enables organizations to extend visibility and ensure consistent protection across all of their SaaS applications and virtually any custom SaaS app built in-house. The first and only solution today that empowers customers and partners to implement common security capabilities across their entire SaaS ecosystem, the AppOmni Developer Platform will be available to select partners this June, with broader availability later in 2022. 

The AppOmni Developer Platform provides a security framework with standardized security best practices and establishes a uniform security language to allow customers to clearly and easily understand risk across their entire SaaS ecosystem and all modern digital applications. The future of security is comprehensive, consistent security coverage for all applications and all users. The AppOmni Developer Platform is delivering on that vision and is another example of AppOmni’s market leadership.

The AppOmni Developer Platform provides the basis for the rapid expansion of AppOmni’s ecosystem of SaaS security product modules. Following the recent announcement of AppOmni’s in-depth support for Workday and expanded support for ServiceNow, AppOmni is now releasing support for Confluence, Fastly, Google Workspace, Jira, Okta, and Zendesk. These security modules were built on top of the AppOmni Developer Platform and provide the depth, comprehensive security controls, and expert insights that AppOmni is known for. 

One of the goals of the AppOmni Developer Platform is to empower organizations to easily develop and deploy industry-leading security for any SaaS application. The Platform will be available for developer partners to extend SaaS security to custom applications.


“From Atlassian to Zoom, We've Got You Covered. AppOmni protects all of these SaaS applications and more.”


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