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Alogent: Spanning Transaction Ecosystem with Unique User Approach

The Executive Headlines

Alogent is the standard for the transaction ecosystem, committed to delivering advanced technologies that digitize and automate financial services in the world. 


Alogent is the market leader in providing banks and credit unions with deposit automation, item processing, enterprise information management, loan origination, and digital banking solutions. The company’s unique approach spans the entire transaction “ecosystem”—from capturing and digitizing transaction data like checks and loan documents, to automating entire transaction workflows and removing manual processes, to making information available whenever and wherever it is needed. With a firm belief that a strong partnership is key to clients’ success irrespective of the focus, Alogent strives to provide an answer for meeting its clients’ strategic goals. 


Market Leader with ‘User-First’ Approach


Currently, Alogent stands as the market leader in providing banks and credit unions with deposit automation, item processing, enterprise information management, loan origination, and digital banking solutions. The company’s solutions are driven by a ‘user-first’ approach and are channel-agnostic. This means that customers and members choose how they want to engage—online, mobile, or in-branch—while financial institutions benefit from a streamlined and uniform workflow, irrespective of their interaction. Moreover, the solutions offered are versatile, scalable, user-friendly, and exceptionally stable.


Delivering Early and Sustained Innovation


Since 1995, Alogent has been delivering early and sustained innovation across the transaction ecosystem, including proven Check 21 enterprise deposit automation, mobile, online, and digital banking, enterprise content and information management, and consumer lending - all paired with real-time data analytics, reporting, and visualizations. The company understands that innovation is nothing unless it fits smoothly into your environment, which is why it has built its solutions to integrate with, and improve on, the capabilities of the client’s current core and specialized systems.


Alogent leverages the benefits and agility of modern financial technology to improve your capacity to adapt competitively to shifting market conditions. Its solutions are never compromised in terms of security or regulatory compliance, and they may be tightly integrated with core systems, several mobiles and online banking platforms, lending platforms, accounting systems, and other third-party technologies. As a consequence, users get a consistent experience and operational efficiency is maximized.

Cutting-Edge Digitalization Products


The Alogent Cloud securely delivers Alogent software and services in real-time to any size financial institution. No other provider gives banks and credit unions a universal range of in-house and hosted options tailored to their unique requirements. Its market-leading solutions and services always provide measurable ROI in both hard and soft costs. But initial investments for implementation, plus ongoing technical staff costs, pose major challenges for banks and credit unions. It knows a few things about keeping your data secure—they’ve been delivering financial technology solutions to banks and credit unions for over 20 years and know there’s nothing more important. The Alogent Cloud has been built with the most rigorous attention to data security and regulatory compliance, so you can have confidence choosing in-house or hosted delivery without concern for information safety.


Unify is an omnichannel banking platform for banks and credit unions. Unify simplifies image acquisition for banks and credit unions by treating every document and checking the same, regardless of how it is captured. Enabling cross-channel banking, its centralized framework, and consistent user journey deliver increased productivity, a lower cost of ownership, and improved banking services to customers and members. Gain quick access to business intelligence and data analytics through a centralized database and reporting dashboard. Unify – modernize your payments ecosystem today. Powered by Capture Once Technology, Unify is a patent-pending total web-based enterprise solution that can be applied across all channels and applications. Streamline front and back-end workflows with custom and consistent business rules. Cloud-ready, Unify reduces operational costs, paper handling, and the threat of fraud - bringing full and self-service together under one, device agnostic umbrella.


FinanceGenius is the Consumer Loan Origination Software (LOS). In a market flooded with disruptors competing for your account holders, it's time to adopt a digital lending strategy. Cloud-based with mobile-responsive designs, FinanceGenius puts you ahead with simple, intuitive mobile and online tools for borrowers and lenders, integrated directly into your digital banking ecosystem. Automate and expedite every phase of the lending lifecycle and gain instant scalability and flexibility. FinanceGenius is an end-to-end, cloud-based loan origination software (LOS) for banks and credit unions, built by lenders, for lenders. Scalable and proven to automate the consumer lending and onboarding process through auto-decisions and streamlined workflows, watch as your financial institution gains efficiencies while increasing application volumes and approvals.


MyBusiness is a digital add-on tool for mobile payments and invoicing, enabling the creation, distribution, and reconciliation at the point of sale (POS). Developed from financial institution feedback to address product and market gaps faced by their SMB account holders, MyBusiness brings proven capabilities and Alogent solutions together in a single offering, including digital banking, remote capture, content management, and invoice processing. Enable SMBs to operate their businesses from a mobile device, saving valuable time and eliminating the need to perform paperwork after a long day in the field or on the weekend. With MyBusiness, SMBs gain the convenience of quickly creating, sending, storing, and reconciling invoices from their device, anywhere, at any time.


At the Forefront: 


Dede Wakefield serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Alogent. She guides the corporate vision, mission, values, and strategic plans, and is ultimately responsible for delivering on commitments to its clients and partners. Before joining Alogent, Dede spent two years as Chief Financial Officer at GT Nexus overseeing financial performance and strategy. Before GT Nexus she served as the Senior Vice President of Finance for Global Payments, a public global-commerce company in the credit card and payments industry. She also served as the VP of Corporate Finance for CheckFree Corporation (now Fiserv), a global provider of financial electronic commerce services and products.


“Alogent approaches each client as a long-term partner, working through business issues and evolving business needs.”


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