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Kenneth Kee: Transforming Digitally to Upend Healthcare Information Systems

Origin Integrated Studios
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How Kenneth’s Vision Led to the Creation of an Innovative Electronic Medical Record System!

In our current technological era, the notion of a world devoid of immediate access to data and information may seem outdated. However, only a short while ago, the healthcare sector still depended on tangible records and manually written notes to monitor patients' medical records.

The CEO of Origin Integrated Studios, Kenneth Kee, and his team saw an opportunity there. Due to their extensive experience in developing Electronic Document Management Systems, they saw a potential for more effective and efficient medical record systems that utilized digital forms. In an effort to revolutionize the healthcare industry, they, therefore set to work on creating a cutting-edge Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for a Hospital Information System (HIS).

The medical sector is usually hesitant to embrace new technologies, so it wasn't an easy task, and there were many doubters who pestered the viability of a paperless system. Kenneth wasn't deterred, though. They geared their knowledge and abilities to build a dependable, safe, and versatile infrastructure.

The team's tenacity eventually paid off. With the inventive system they constructed, the healthcare practitioner who initially requested their services was ecstatic, and soon more providers were ready to join. Origin Integrated Solutions became a market innovator, paving the path for more sophisticated and efficient medical procedures. But their motivation went beyond just developing a new system. A deeper desire to improve patient experiences and results motivated Kenneth and his team. Medical personnel may easily obtain crucial data about a patient's health history and treatment plans thanks to their EMR system. More accurate diagnosis, better interprofessional communication, and ultimately better patient care were the outcomes.

Today, Kenneth Kee's company continues to be at the forefront of medical technology, striving to make healthcare more accessible, efficient, and effective for all.


Let us delve deeper into the inspiring insights of Kenneth Kee!

Revolutionizing Healthcare

Kenneth's motivation for starting the company stemmed from recognizing the disparity between outdated physical medical record systems and the potential for more efficient paperless systems utilizing digital forms. He and his founding team, possessing extensive expertise in developing Electronic Document Management Systems for document scanning and retrieval, were presented with their inaugural opportunity when a healthcare provider solicited their services to create a contemporary Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for a Hospital Information System (HIS).

The group was granted a fresh chance to substitute an obsolete Healthcare Information System (HIS). They named their enterprise Origin, as it was the frontrunner in the area to create Electronic Medical Records (EMR) that could merge with sub-systems. "To draw skilled software developers and designers, we chose a name similar to the renowned film studio—a platform where creators conceive and generate their imaginative and innovative projects," Kenneth affirms.


Empowering Talented Developers

Origin Integrated Solutions, founded in 2015, is a company that empowers young and talented software developers and designers to create innovative and cutting-edge healthcare application software solutions that meet international standards. Our mission is to make a lasting impact in the healthcare industry by becoming a household name, and we believe that building long-term, trusted relationships with our customers is the key to successful project implementation and longevity.

With its cutting-edge digital transformation strategies, this company is revolutionizing healthcare by empowering doctors and nurses to make instant, informed decisions using its intuitive software application. The software is optimized for modern devices such as mobiles and tablets, providing all the necessary medical information in one easy-to-use dashboard. With Origin EMR, healthcare professionals can bid farewell to traditional manual patient medical records and embrace a new era of efficiency and accuracy. This innovative software integrates seamlessly with other systems, including laboratory information systems, radiology information systems, financial information systems, drug databases, and even medical devices such as vital sign monitors. By eliminating the need for paper records, it streamlines the healthcare process, allowing doctors and nurses to focus on what matters most: providing excellent patient care.

According to Kenneth, the company's focus is on perfecting the software for the end users, resulting in an impressive 100% adoption rate from doctors and nurses on day one of implementation. Origin is the top healthcare solution provider in Malaysia, dominating the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) market with the largest implementation share. They have successfully replaced their competitors' systems in over 20 hospitals in the region, including both stand-alone and group hospitals. Their EMR system supports multiple languages and allows for consolidation through data warehousing. Additionally, Origin offers dashboard reporting for easy and efficient data analysis.


Transforming Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare providers can benefit from Origin's expertise in transforming their healthcare facilities to be more efficient in the digital age. The company's solution is highly customizable, allowing it to be configured for each client's specific needs. Through continuous research and development, Origin has created a feature-rich and comprehensive system that outshines competitors who lack customization options and fail to consider customer input. Kenneth, a spokesperson for Origin, notes that the company has enhanced its EMR system by integrating it with major sub-systems available in the market. This increased interoperability ensures that all hospital systems can work together seamlessly, achieving the full potential of EMR technology.


Charismatic Leader Who Cherishes

Kenneth is a captivating leader who highly values and appreciates the skilled individuals in his company. Along with leading the business, he recognizes the importance of maintaining a group of exceptional software developers, uniting them, and cultivating new talent. Additionally, acknowledging that no one is proficient in all areas, Kenneth actively seeks out others who can complement his weaknesses with their strengths and vice versa. He has established a successful approach to retaining and nurturing talent, which has played a significant role in Origin's progression throughout the years.


From Local Recognition to International Acclaim

Origin has experienced tremendous growth under the dynamic leadership of Kenneth since its inception. The team has expanded from just 8 developers to nearly 30, and the company has secured over 20 hospital customers in the region in just five years. The company's exceptional performance has earned it numerous accolades, including being ranked third and fifth in Malaysian Growth Champions 2020 and 2021, respectively, by Statista. Additionally, Origin was recognized as one of the top 113 high-growth companies in the Asia-Pacific region by the Financial Times in 2020 and was a winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ 2019 Asia Pacific award. Under Kenneth's guidance, Origin Integrated Studios has also won more than 20 local and regional awards in recent years. Kenneth's achievements have not gone unnoticed, as he has been listed in the second edition of British Pedia: Successful People in Malaysia, published in 2020 by BPH—British Publishing House Ltd.