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Euro Exim Bank Ltd: Trade Finance, a people business based on trust and integrity, is the primary focus of Euro Exim Bank’s operating model

20 Best Companies to Watch of 2021

Euro Exim Bank Ltd
The Executive Headlines

Euro Exim Bank named a 20 Best Companies to Watch of 2021  by The Executive Headlines.


Founder and CEO is Mr Kaushik Punjani, a finance professional with years of experience in accounting and global distribution. 

Euro Exim Bank  is an international financial institution headquartered in St. Lucia in the West Indies, holding a Class ‘A’ license, with a representative office in London.  

The bank is expanding its operations through agents and partners across the globe, positioned to take advantage of the continued rise in trade between the Middle East and Far East, and building sales resource in Africa and India.   

We have built an impressive team of trade experts with years of experience in financial messaging, systems and trade in general, the bank rapidly generates first drafts, completing complex KYC processes and sending instructions within tight timeframes.

Our significant growth with a sales team exceeding 1000 people covering 35+ countries means we are a global force in facilitating trade.

Below are the highlights of the interview with, Founder and CEO of Euro Exim Bank, Mr Kaushik Punjani

What are your company’s values? What is Euro Exim Bank operating philosophy?

Trade Finance, a people business based on trust and integrity, is the primary focus of Euro Exim Bank’s operating model. With years of banking and specific trade finance experience and expertise, the firm’s staff provide an efficient and effective service  facilitating cross-border trade for its global clients, with issuance and relay of letters of credit, stand-by letters of credit, proof of funds, RWA, performance bonds and bank guarantees. 

The firm has developed its own workflow-based blockchain and Ai enabled platform for data capture and full end-to-end processing of trade instruments, complemented by commercial information sources connected by industry standard APIs.

All our services are underpinned with tight due diligence, AML, PEP and sanction and security checks, supported by commercial software products from leaders in those sectors, making Euro Exim Bank unique in its specialist field.

What factors influenced or motivated you to start this venture?

In 2015 Euro Exim Bank was started with a blank sheet; there was no legacy products or establishments. The founding team was determined to transform the status quo, and a solid business strategy to ‘push the boundaries while leveraging modern technology, with its key focus on the clients/customers. 

Euro Exim’s approach to view through the lenses of the clients and create offerings laid the foundation of the brand as one of the fastest growing and leading international financial institution, implementing a new approach beyond traditional trade financing products and services. 

What are the biggest challenges you faced in the initial years? What can your peers learn from it?

Initial work challenges were the necessity for less paper, integrated workflow systems handling diverse documents reflecting the variety of goods and sanctions, the increasing role of compliance and legal in due diligence, burden of AML, KYC sanctions and PEP checking, clean data capture, and full understanding of the complex trade ecosystem with all its players, processes, timings and expectations. 

Through continuous training, commercial awareness and pragmatic management, we have built an enviable back and front office operation to provide world class services across the globe.

What do you feel are the reasons behind your company’s reputation?

Ultimately servicing global, regional and local businesses in the trade finance arena necessitated a strong view of the market, feet on the ground to cope with different jurisdictions, understanding local culture and spotting potential fraud. We also upskill our staff with experienced people keeping up with regulations and compliance, focusing on specific markets and understanding the infrastructures that support those markets.  With investment, skill and forward-thinking management, we are now well positioned to tackle the ever-changing landscape of change and to continue our business productively, technologically proficiently, ethically and profitably.

What’s so different about Euro Exim Bank and why opt for it?

The main USPs of the bank are the speed of operation, the cost-effective fee structure, and the variety of trade instruments with appropriate collateral, preventing stifling of entrepreneurial flair and unreasonable long term demands on cashflow.

How is Euro Exim Bank helping users by providing an end-to-end service.

Trade Finance products and services are vital to global trade growth and economic development the trade finance market is expected to grow, despite Covid-19 to almost $80Billion within the next 5 years. 

However, with so many disparate players in the trade ecosystem, whilst values increase, it is no surprise that trade remains difficult, complex, expensive, proprietary and cumbersome.

At EEB, through embracing digitising of documents and digitalisation of processes, it now becomes possible to improve internal process, and ultimately client experience in trade. 

Major technological advances in Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Distributed Ledger, systems integration through API’s, adoption of smart contracts, instant payments and more open banking will certainly create the inertia and tools for companies globally to truly take the next step to economy and efficiency.

The shoots of economic recovery are certainly starting, and again EEB are well placed to assisting clients to sustain and grow trade.

What gets you most excited about Euro Exim Bank future? What is the long-term strategy for Euro Exim Bank?

Euro Exim Bank has evolved its brand from humble beginnings with few trades of limited value, to being a major player in international markets. We see increasing volumes, servicing more clients from many more countries which were traditionally hampered in competing in international markets, and linked with our ability to offer accounts, RippleNet real-time settlement driven by blockchain technology, our value proposition is growing annually.

Our brand is instantly internationally recognised, and we retain a leading position in conferences, publications and video output in providing not only information, but thought leadership, valued analysis and access to experienced professionals. Whilst we are advancing rapidly with implementation and use of new technologies, adoption worldwide bringing universal benefits will depend on the intent of all parties to consider, get management buy-in, commit and invest. 

The future is exciting and we intend to be ahead of the game for years to come.

What do you think are the best skills that you bring to your business?

I have been described as pragmatic, authoritative, informed, trusted, a coach/mentor, listener and someone who gets things done. A good communicator, inceptor of ideas, performance focused and teamwork oriented.

My style is calm, adapting to the myriad of changes we see in modern business.  And flexibility is a key trait, accepting that no one knows everything, and that mistakes are necessary as part of learning.

What are your messages for budding entrepreneurs/young generation?

Building a business takes years and relies on solid foundations. In the current uncertain economic climate, firms must be realistic in profit and investment outlook, exercise pragmatic management, hire professionals, release the unproductive, listen and learn constantly from peers and competition, understand value and contribution, not just expenditure, and ultimately work out what customers want and keep delivering it.

Life is short. Wake each day with a new passion, staying balanced through highs and lows and not being too proud to ask for help.