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Apple’s usage data safety is a myth

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Apple has been in the news for some days because of the question over the security of personal data the company claims to provide. Recently it has been reported that iPhone's usage data is not anonymous which is not what the company promises.


The data safety

According to Gizmodo, "The privacy policy governing Apple’s device analytics says the “none of the collected information identifies you personally.” But an analysis of the data sent to Apple shows it includes a permanent, unchangeable ID number called a Directory Services Identifier, or DSID, according to researchers from the software company Mysk. Apple collects that same ID number along with information for your Apple ID, which means the DSID is directly tied to your full name, phone number, birth date, email address and more, according to Mysk’s tests."

According to Apple’s analytics policy, “Personal data is either not logged at all, is subject to privacy preserving techniques such as differential privacy, or is removed from any reports before they’re sent to Apple.” But Mysk’s tests show that the DSID, which is directly tied to your name, is sent to Apple in the same packet as all the other analytics information.

While buying an Apple device a person opts for the company as the Apple gives guarantee for the person's data being safe and personnel. But this time, some tests proved that the truth is not the same as promised by the company. So here A question is raised: will people trust and buy Apple anymore or will they go for cheaper options where data safety is not something promised.

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