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Build a universal analytics ecosystem that can solve today's analytic requirements and serves the organization for tomorrow's data and technical difficulties.

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Pyramid Analytics
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Pyramid Analytics is a well-known groundbreaker in the world of business analytics. With the Pyramid, we've uniquely fused the best of legacy BI systems and self-service analytics. The outcome is a new business analytics platform that facilitates everyone in the firm to make better, quicker decisions based on trusted data or information.

Pyramid Analytics has been recognized as the 10 Most Promising Companies to work in 2021 by The Executive Headlines.


CEO & Co-Founder

Omri Kohl is the CEO and co-founder who leads Pyramid Analytics strategy and operations, driving his profound knowledge of the BI business market and worthy management experience to a business at the lead of today's fast-growing BI business industry. Since its founding in 2008, CEO Kohl has obtained notable market success and stimulated customer growth for the business, outlining the term disruptor through introducing the BI Office and Pyramid products and their innovative analytics OS technology.


Kohl is a profoundly experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated account for developing and operating the fastest-growing organizations. He studied the subject finance, economics, and business management at Bar-Ilan University, later he got an MBA from Manchester University, following an MBA from International Business Management from New York University, Leonard N. Stern School of Business.


The Analytics OS is one of the most adaptive analytic platforms that provide varying capabilities and experiences based on the user requirements and skills, all while managing content as a shared resource. Moreover, it equips businesses with one analytics solution for everyone, over all the types of users and skill levels. 


Pyramid is the Analytics OS

It is a challenging analytics platform that can be used in any situation and operates on any device. It emphasizes six discrete analytics modules, including 1. Model, 2. Formulate, 3. Discover, 4. Illustrate, 5. Present, and 6. Publish)—along with an Executive Console and Content Management System—to present a factually comprehensive analytics experience.


Among these discrete analytics modules, Model develops data, uses machine learning, and creates data models.

Pyramid emphasizes an influential new workflow: Business User ETL, which presents a perceptible point-and-click condition for setting, conditioning, and developing manageable and blended data sets. The key features include end-user auto modeling. Add machine learning algorithms into datasets prior to modeling, Machine learning marketplace to discover and utilize subsisting data science algorithms, In-memory database engine.


Discover modules associate with models and create discoveries.

Pyramid provides IT experts, BI power users, and data scientists the endowment to elucidate complex analytic problems with various unique yet easy-to-use tools. The key features include high-speed query processing for huge data sets, Spontaneous Drag and drop capabilities, Engaging visuals, Strong, push-button analytical analysis tools.


Formulate module represents market logic, calculations, KPIs, and scripts. Moreover, with Pyramid, the users can easily formulate custom expressions, lists and tables, KPIs, parameters, scripts, and custom columns utilizing an intuitive drag and drop interface and later distribute and run these new building blocks. The key features include calculations, Drag and drop interface of sets, and advanced parameters; Safe, distribute and reuse business logic; Effective sets with branching logic, etc. 


Illustrate module design data-driven graphics, texts, and infographics. Utilizing the Illustrate module, the users can build basic visual BI building blocks to develop libraries of data-driven graphics, infographics, and dynamic text that can even be shared and reused over presentations and publications. The key features include Dynamic infographics, Data-driven dynamic text, Composite visualizations, Reusable, sharable content across presentations and publications.


Present module drafts or form the presentations and analytic applications with your discoveries. Pyramid provides users huge power to design presentations from discrete data sources and oversee others through a strong and profoundly interactive data-driven ecosystem. The key features include Robust design control, Completely interactive visuals, etc.


Publish module makes the business reports & craft compelling analytic accounts. The Publish module allows end-users to design and craft appealing, powerful multi-query / multi-page reports utilizing the very same platform they use to make data models and manage advanced analytics inquiries. Linked with data-driven scheduling and administration, Publish is for modern business reporting. The key features include an Industry-leading design handle, Pixel-perfect report formulation, Huge capacity report exploding with scheduling control, Master page support, etc.

Administer module handles each aspect of your Analytics OS deployment. With the Pyramid, you can fine-tune your analytics ecosystem to satisfy each user's needs. The key features of this module include Easy user provisioning and control, Universal visual themes, Data source management, Performance optimization, etc.