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PowerVision: Creating a Dynamic Approach towards Innovation

Power Vision
The Executive Headlines

PowerVision has been recognized as one of the 20 Fastest Growing Companies to Work in 2021 by The Executive Headlines

PowerVision was founded with a clear mission to innovate the future. PowerVision pushes the boundaries of possibilities, with the aim to change the world through innovative artificial intelligence. At the heart of the company is a corporate culture that prides itself on continuous learning, innovation, and technological excellence.

We’ve had the pleasure to sit down with PowerVision, Founder and CEO, Wally Zheng to know more about the company and services.

What is the most important key to your success? Share the experience.

PowerVision focuses on independent research, development, and innovation for AI robotics products covering industrial-grade drones, consumer-grade drones, surface and underwater robots.. We have established a research and development system that is oriented toward global mass production. We employ a research and development team of more than 200 people, in locations all over the world. All of PowerVision’s core technologies are developed independently.

What are the unique offerings provided by PowerVision team?

We have nearly 1500 independent intellectual property rights in the form of patents, trademarks, and copyrights, including nearly 500 core technology invention patents. Applications for this array of technological innovations are nearly limitless. We’re able to make things from scratch, not just assemble pieces.

What does the future hold for PowerVision? Can you briefly describe about your plans?

We will continue to bring the best drones, consumer robotics, and industrial products to market. We hope to continue to empower and raise the quality of life throughout the world using the most artificial intelligence.

What do you feel are the reasons behind your company's reputation?

It’s the oldest cliché, but we just try to make the best products. We’re interested in quality, and believe that consumers recognize quality when they see it. There is no secret sauce, just solid products, strong technical understanding, control of all independent components in our products, and a culture of pursuing excellence.

How was it working through the pandemic? How challenging was it for you?

The pandemic changed everything, but we chose to see this time period as an opportunity to innovate, as opposed to a hurdle. We adjusted our priorities, identified new opportunities, and developed new channels to reach consumers.


How is PowerVision helping users by providing an end-to-end service.

End-to-end models necessitate understanding every part of a product, which superficially means we can quickly answer any questions our users might have, and fix problems extremely quick. On a broader note, end-to-end operation provides aggressive quality control and production benefits, which plays a large role in our mission of providing better solutions for users.

Is there any specific message or product that you would like to highlight through this article?

Our general message and ethos

Innovation is about making new solutions that transform markets instead of competing with existing ones. Every PowerVision product is designed with this ethos in mind. We aren’t interested in competition, we make our own markets.

For a product:

We recently released the PowerVision S1, which is the smallest 3-axis mobile gimbal in the world and can make anyone into a master videographer with the power of AI. The S1 also doubles as a passthrough wireless charge bank, has gesture control, smart object tracking, and an omni-compatible magnetic ecosystem. It’s every mobile accessory you can imagine (and likely more) in one tiny, efficient package.

20 Fastest Growing Companies to Work in 2021,” features the companies who are outshining themselves in the industry. In the coming years, what change can PowerVision bring in the industry?

PowerVision contributes to the industry and general well-being of the world with a strong commitment to research and development. With a continuous nonstop R&D process PowerVision is constantly innovating and creating products that push itself and the rest of the industry to greater heights. PowerVision was founded under the concept of innovation. We don’t improve or optimize products; we create new paradigms that transform markets. This constant drive to disrupt and question is what we bring to the table.

Meet the leader behind the success of PowerVision

Wally Zheng is Founder and CEO of PowerVision Group, Deputy Director of Beijing International Institute for Cutting-Edge Artificial Intelligence, founding partner of PowerCloud, Managing Director of AI Unicorn Club, and has obtained EMBA from CEIBS and DBA from CKGSB. Wally founded PowerVision Group in 2009. He also received honors of “2018 Top 10 China Makers,” “2018 Award of Best Industry Leadership,” and “2019 Most Influential Leader in Artificial Intelligence.” He was invited to attend the sixth summit of MIT-CHIEF in 2016, and delivered a live speech as a guest of main forum with Zhang Chaoyang—CEO of Sohu Inc, Eric Gan—Executive Vice President of Softbank Group, and many others.

Wally is also an entrepreneur and an investor. PowerCloud is an investment institution co-founded by a subsidiary company of PowerVision with Innoangel Fund. It is focused on investing projects on AI eco-chains, and Wally is a founding partner of PowerCloud.