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Digiterre: Delivering Growth via Technological Transformation

The Executive Headlines

Digiterre is a software and data engineering consultancy that enables technological transformation for many of the world’s leading Organizations in energy and commodities trading, investment management, banking, and insurance. The business was founded with the aim of building real-time big data platforms for clients that would increase their revenues and business value. Using ground-up agile transformation and cutting-edge data engineering, Digiterre’s work helps clients minimize trading and transactional risk and enables more efficient and effective trading.

Leveraging Leading-edge Software Technologies

Digiterre solves high-risk, high profile and typically time-constrained problems using leading-edge software technologies, usually delivered in less time. The company works collaboratively, pragmatically and efficiently with in-house experts and their end users on the design and delivery of front, middle and back office tooling and data aggregation platforms.

Digiterre was established by Ian Murrin (CEO and Founder) in 2000, Digiterre prides itself on being one of a rare breed of technical consultancy that solves the toughest technical challenges, specifically those which are high risk, high profile and often with critical time constraints.

Agile and Pragmatic collaborative approach

Digiterre delivers ‘agility at greater velocity’ because they care about creating outstanding outcomes and taking ownership for some of the toughest technical challenges. They envisage, design and deliver software and data engineering solutions that users want, need and love to use.

Digiterre works in a truly agile way, delivering working software in incremental stages throughout projects to ensure continuous and meaningful feedback as the project progresses. This is the key to their delivery success in solving extremely complex technical challenges.

Great Place to Work

Digiterre has a highly experienced team with an impressive track record right across technical consulting and delivery through to sales, marketing, people and engagement management.

Digiterre is a great place to work. It has a strong employee culture and a team that values its flat management structure, high degree of purpose and level of individual empowerment to lead and get a great job done for the clients. The combination of outstanding colleagues and a united mission to transform, innovate and create growth for the clients is closely aligned with their values of care, quality, and leadership.

Digiterre’s ethos is that an innovative company should always be focused on the benefit it can bring to its clients (and ideally the client’s client). Digiterre is not constrained by rigid technology choices and will adapt its teams to meet the needs, requirements and standards of its clients.

Value-oriented Results for Clients

Digiterre incorporates deep domain experience with technological skills, and it is this combination that enables its consultants to solve the right problem with certainty and ensure positive long-term client outcomes.

The company also highlights other thoughts from its 22 years of working with clients:

  • One of the most significant challenges that enterprises face now relates to data; the ability to access it, use it, and create a single view of the truth across the many and varied data sources that exist inside and outside the organization;
  • In volatile times, being data-driven (and having the technological investment to support it) is essential to remaining competitive.
  • Clients need to solve their challenges quickly, cost-effectively, and completely, in a manner that scales with the organization and builds in scope for future change;
  • Working collaboratively with clients promotes the transfer of knowledge, skills, and transformative ways of working, from the outset.

To date, the company has worked with over 130 clients in capital markets, and energy and commodities trading organizations.

Successful Client Portfolio

Digiterre is all about providing Big data platforms that allow its clients to stay ahead of or at the very least in line with the competition as well as driving efficiencies through reducing operational costs. In doing so, the company has established itself as a recognized solution provider among its clientele base. 

For instance, Digiterre worked in close partnership with Uniper’s Market Analytics and Data Management teams to develop the new Market Data Analytics Platform (MDAP). The main objective of the initiative was to equip Uniper for the future challenges of responding quickly to constantly changing market developments. The new MDAP system enables Uniper to more effectively support the Market Analytics team, to respond more rapidly and comprehensively to business and market challenges and ultimately to grow the data economy within Uniper. This resulted in a 30% reduction in operating costs.

“We deliver exceptional overall value to our clients. This matrix of skills, knowledge and experience enables us to better understand and then solve deep domain-focused, technology-related problems.”