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20 Fastest Growing Companies to work in 2021

Gunnison Consulting Group: Revolutionizing IT Consulting Services with Philanthropic Outline

The Executive Headlines

Gunnison Consulting Group has been recognized as one of the 20 Fastest Growing Companies to Work in 2021 by The Executive Headlines


Building a brand name is no longer a hefty task, but keeping the values, integrity, and customer retention in line is what many organizations in the service sector strive for? Acknowledging the real factors that help industries to grow and giving a thought for employee welfare and retention will pave a walk path for industries, who believe in continuous progress not on perfection. Sharing same sort traits and beliefs, Gunnison Consulting Group, who started their journey to serve the IT industry with their astounding offerings and values. Gunnison believes that one should focus on progression not on perfection, on the other hand, they incorporate a diversified work environment to embrace their employees and work culture.

Gunnison’s policies and values are based on true ethics, which assimilated the overall development of employee, customers, patterns, shareholders, or any other who stroll down to their doors. So, let’s take a walkthrough to their story accentuated how they started and what actually they are catering to.

Delivering Staggering IT Solutions

Gunnison Consulting Group began catering to the greater Washington, D.C. metro region in 1994, with an emphasis on handling the most ambitious technological projects for its customers. The firm has flourished for 25 years by cultivating a culture devoted to helping customers and workers to achieve more than they ever imagined possible. Gunnison collaboratively works with its customers to understand their requirements, and goals, and then brings to bear world-class domain expertise, industry knowledge, and partnerships to achieve those objectives.

The foundation of Gunnison’s purpose is the creation of effective, long-term connections with customers, workers, and business partners. The firm aspires to achieve steady, regulated development that will pave the way for high-quality IT consulting services for complicated applications that will continually test the employees. Gunnison’s mission is to deliver a steady stream of new ideas, cutting-edge methodologies and tools, and excellent service to enable clients to discover the impossible. Gunnison is devoted to cultivating a culture that allows customers and employees to achieve not just their current goals and objectives, but also to look ahead to future possibilities. Gunnison believes in ensuring every aspect of the business that is managed with integrity, collaboration, and transparency. The hunger for continuous growth and possibilities to always deliver astonished is what keeps Gunnison stay ahead in the game.

Gunnison offers a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to tackling its clients’ toughest challenges with a winning combination of thought-leading innovation, industry certifications, and solid relationships. The firm aims for quality that goes above and beyond the norm, resulting in 10-year or longer collaboration relationships with clients.

Thinking Employee-Centric

Employees that are thought leaders with years of domain knowledge, practical and technical skills, and cross-domain credentials are at the forefront of this excellence. The company’s strategy is to harness the drive of interdisciplinary individuals so as to more efficiently and effectively solve problems from a variety of viewpoints and capacities. Employees at Gunnison combine industry-recognized qualifications with years of real-world implementation experience to form a forward-thinking, problem-solving team dedicated to providing the clients with creative solutions. To offer highly dependable, quality solutions for clients, the company combines the best concepts and practices in software development, system integration, and testing with tried-and-true project management skills.

Innovation- A Step Ahead

Gunnison aims to provide clients with new solutions, and has established a development lab and capacity centers of excellence to guarantee that innovation is included into every project.

Gunnison’s TIGR Lab helps achieve this aim by incorporating cutting-edge concepts and technology into the solution design, development, testing, and data analytics early on. Forward Looking research at the firm identifies new tools and approaches, which are then evaluated by developing trends and widely used by the customers, partners, and rivals. Gunnison transforms experimental proofs of concept into real and immediately helpful solutions by focusing the company’s personnel on improving their technological skills.

The company’s Centers of Excellence, Gunnison’s competency and capability centre, is leading the way in researching and implementing new technologies, techniques, and practices for Gunnison projects. It’s a user guide, toolkit, and primary resource for turning any idea into a reality. This motivates Gunnison’s staff to take on new initiatives, ensuring the firm produces high-quality outcomes, and allows Gunnison’s to continually surpass clients’ expectations.

Diversity and Inclusion

This is genuinely a snapshot of cognizance for the US, where Gunnison as a whole recognizes the injustices and disparities in the property of the free and acknowledges the job of propagating them or deliberately ignoring them.

There is no vulnerability or any uncertainty about Gunnison's qualities: they don't endure prejudice or racial provocation of any sort — and never will. Gunnison has involved an exceptionally assorted group from all various regions of the planet, with fluctuating skill and educational encounters, 100% of whom trust in balance, decency, and equity. Gunnison has consistently been (and will keep on being) an association focused on diversity, balance, and incorporation. They plan to give an inviting climate to everybody: representatives, specialists, subcontractors, customers, and any individual who walks through their entryways, physical or virtual. Regardless, Gunnison endeavors to maintain the work worth of "Progress, not Perfection" in a diversity venture.

Pioneering Leadership Qualities

Gilbert Dussek is the Chief Executive Officer of Gunnison Consulting Group, also serving on its Board of Directors. He is an accomplished and experienced executive with a successful track record in the federal contracting industry, delivering complex solutions to Federal and State government clients and partnering to achieve their most important mission objectives. Dussek was appointed as CEO in August 2019 and brings over 18 years of wide-ranging public sector experience in the Federal Civilian, Intelligence Community and State & Local markets, demonstrating proficiency in driving strategic growth, business transformation and operations.

Dussek has significant hands-on business experience as a seasoned operations executive, serving in profit and loss leadership roles of increasing responsibility over the course of his career at both public and private companies. Preceding Gunnison, Dussek spent eight years at SRA International, CSRA Inc. and General Dynamics Information Technology. Prior to that, Dussek worked for Lockheed Martin Corporation supporting the Information Systems & Global Solutions business unit as well as Corporate Headquarters.

Dussek holds a Bachelor of Science from Carnegie Mellon University and Masters of Science from The George Washington University.



" We Collaboratively Work With Our Customers To Understand Their Requirements, And Goals, And Then Bring To Bear Our Domain Expertise, Industry Knowledge, And Partnerships To Achieve Those Objectives "