The Executive Headlines Gloves are indispensable during this unprecedented time of pandemic to protect workers, patients, and customers

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The Executive Headlines named 20 Innovative Companies to Watch of 2021  by The Executive Headlines. was established in 1993 and revamped in 2020 with a new team intending to provide disposable gloves to all users who need them. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the most unprecedented time for the entire world and has prompted extensive disruptions to global supply chains. Perhaps no such disruption has been more apparent than that concerning disposable gloves. Linked with these supply chain disruptions, the unexpected high needs and requirements for disposable gloves have generated an influx of suspicious or dubious quality gloves followed by several misleading claims. Consequently, many people and businesses who rely on quality disposable gloves for protection have been inadequate to secure them. Thus, strives to create safe, quality disposable gloves that are affordable, simple, safe, and secure for the growing number of people who rely on them.


Below are the highlights of the interview conducted between The Executive Headlines and Sean Evans, CEO & President of


Why are gloves important in various places? 

Gloves are indispensable during this unprecedented time of pandemic to protect workers, patients, and customers.


Are gloves effective against protection from viruses? 

Yes, nitrile gloves are one of the most highly demanding personal protective equipment as it is effective and efficient in reducing the transmission of viruses.


What are the functions of all the different gloves? 

Some gloves are best suited for medical, dental or food services, and some are best for protecting those who come directly in contact with chemicals and viruses. But, the basic and primary function of all the gloves is one thing, protection. 


How are nitrile gloves different from regular gloves? 

Nitrile gloves are also ideal for medical environments, being particularly puncture-resistant and eradicating the hazard of latex allergic or hypersensitivity reactions. While they're not as stretchy or flexible as their latex counterparts, the disposable nitrile gloves are prominently more long-lasting and resistant to chemicals. As such, nitrile gloves are the perfect choice for anyone who has to work with potentially dangerous and eroding chemicals. 


How to choose the right nitrile gloves?

The first step is to choose the right nitrile glove to look at the two major categories of nitrile gloves: medical grade and industrial grade.

Medical Grade: The medical-grade gloves are generally best suited for use where there is a peril of coming in contact with any blood-borne pathogens or environmental contaminants. The medical-grade category of nitrile glove is usually seen in clinics, pharmaceutical and dental offices, and labs. These gloves are rigorously examined and have to fit into specific guidelines from the Food and Drug Administration to ensure that these gloves will provide the durability, strength, and barrier for these uses. Nitrile gloves are especially more popular in pharmaceutical and dental offices because they kill or reduce the potential for any allergies.

Industrial Grade: The industrial-grade category of nitrile glove is best suited for uses that require the handling of rigid chemicals and solvents. Moreover, specific industries where this category of nitrile glove is used include janitorial, automotive, and any other industry that includes even food services and chemical safety. The most notable features of this category are the glove's chemical resistance and high puncture resistance levels.

Based on the uses and application, one can choose the right nitrile glove. Also, the correct size glove will intensify the comfort and physical sensitivity in every application, so it is also very important to select the right size glove. Other than this, color selection can also be helpful. By color-coding nitrile gloves, one can help in differentiating glove sizes and help prevent cross-contamination. 

Other glove features can also be considered, such as the Glove Thickness, Texture and Finish, Powdered vs. Powder Free.


What are the best latex gloves to use as doctors? 

Disposable latex gloves are the best for doctors and medical environments as long as latex allergies are not an issue. Disposable latex gloves provide high levels of elasticity, protection, and comfort.


Why are medical gloves categorized differently? 

Medical gloves, including the examination and surgical gloves, and those used to handle chemotherapy agents are categorized by the Food and Drug Administration as medical devices that necessitate passing rigorous technical tests before they can be marked as safe for surgery or a medical examination.


What are the biggest challenges your company has faced in the initial years?

Supply chain issues, shipping problems, and PPE-related scams were some of the challenges that we faced in our initial days. 

The pandemic created huge supply chain issues, logistics were backlogged for weeks and weeks.
We have experienced counterfeit products in several ways. Initially, the products were advertised to look like trusted quality goods but were knock-offs. 

We also found that scammers take authentic certifications and set them to make their unlicensed factories or products look legitimate. Scammers were also doing the same when outsourcing‚ claiming illegal factories are otherwise through the falsification of medical certifications. 


What do you feel are the reasons behind your company's reputation? 

We are an American company with a brand that has been around for nearly 30 years – customers need a trusted source when they’re buying disposable gloves. We aim to create secure and safe quality disposable gloves that are affordable, simple, and fast to increase the number of people who rely on them. Though we have faced issues, but have successfully come out of it as well.


Do you have any new products or services launching soon? 

Yes, we are appointed as an official distributor in the USA. We have a direct partnership with AIM-X and KINGFA. We are planning to bring huge quantities of high-quality PPE products into the United States.


What are your plans for the future of

Currently, the business demand for the USA surpasses the current supply capacities for original products conforming to the agreement for use as a medical device. The unprecedented time of pandemic has given rise to corrupt members of our society to account for the shortfalls in supply with low and non-conforming products.

We have AIM-X and KINGFA co-branded gloves available at its warehouse in Gardena, California, for direct collection for future plans. Also, they are customs-cleared and set to deploy. We are also accepting online orders on our website, They are servicing wholesale and governmental buyers via or by calling directly.


Awards and achievements, if any?

Being the CEO, & President,, it's my great accomplishment to be featured on Forbes Radio.

Meet the leader behind the success of Sean Evans and Shakil Prasla are the key executives of

Sean Evans, CEO & President. Evans has founded and successfully exited four organizations over the last 20 years. Recently, Evans founded My Wine Society, and raised three rounds of funding, and earned a valuation of $16 million in 2019. He has also inaugurated and led Wonieva Group into one of the leading PPE suppliers, providing masks, gowns, and gloves to hospitals and government entities throughout the United States to deal with the unprecedented phase of COVID-19.

Shakil Prasla, Executive Manager. Shakil is an entrepreneur, thought leader, and investor with over 15 acquisitions over multiple eCommerce industries. He leads a team accountable for acquisitions, digital marketing, web development, product sourcing, operations, and financial analysis. Moreover, Shakil takes pleasure in problem-solving, exploring, and learning about new industries. Born and brought up in Austin, Shakil holds a degree in BBA from the University of Texas in Austin and an MBA from the Acton School of Business.