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20 Innovative Companies to Watch of 2021

121Advisor, a multi-platform consultation company with an innovative goal

One Two One Advisor
The Executive Headlines

121Advisor has been recognized as one of the 20 Innovative Companies to Watch of 2021 by The Executive Headlines.

One Two One Advisor was founded in 2010 and serves the FinTech and InsurTech sectors. Over the past ten years, companies have implemented many useful online solutions, including recommendation management with marketing automation (for banks), mobile point of sale, online direct selling, online complaints, sales agents, online customer service portals, and corporate websites. With the growth of AI and chatbots, 121Advisor has implemented destructive solutions, including multilingual chatbots and robo-advisors, and AI-based predictive/machine learning analytics for new product forecasting, overlap, fraud and forecasting of future investment funds. 121Advisor has expanded its business to more than 20 companies.

Below are the highlights of the interview conducted between The Executive Headlines and Kevin Steer, Founder and CEO to know more about the company and services.

What are the services that company provides?

  • Predictable analytics with machine learning - It is used to predict new products for purchase, disposal and beating, collection, etc.
  • Multilingual finance, insurance and takaful chatbot (FITbot) - – Having a robot who can speak the multi-language can be very helpful to build hybrid trees in your business process. The company uses natural language processing to engage customers with a more innovative experience through robots. Artificial intelligence is well developed to counter any anomalies found.
  • Service web portal solution and sales (WebPoS) – This is a reliable website that supports various languages and provides efficient solutions. The solutions help the clients conduct maximum expertise in the digital sector, including sales, management, content and marketing, etc.
  • Recommendation Management and Marketing Automation (ReMMA) - It is used by banks to automatically assign leads efficiently and effectively, track and manage referrals and conversions from leads based on user-defined workflows. Marketing automation leads to personalized campaigns and content delivery.
  • Portable sales application – This helps the employees efficiently manage and plan different sales activities to make sure that all the customers are ready to utilize the service. Managers can monitor in real-time to assist when needed.
  • Community and electronic site marketing and sales (CeMD) - Community portal solutions - allow companies to connect with members of their community to build trust and build lawyers, thereby increasing customer loyalty. Recently launched u12know knowledge portal.
  • Takaful & Simple Mobility Insurance (TIMMS) - A multi-platform mobile point of sale solution that enables agents to identify customers' financial needs by finding customers, recommending products, making presentations, preparing offers and submitting applications electronically according to regulatory processes. The different procedures help detect problems in operating systems such as Android, Windows and iOS.
  • Portal for client service – The firm also uses a self-service portal used by customers to manage their insurance accounts at any location irrespective of a particular time. This service’s demand is very high when compared to other services. This service requires a simple connection to the Internet for viewing and managing different details and policies of the policyholders. 

The portals provide customers with a secure way to update their personal information, pay premiums, exchange funds, print documents, update beneficiary details, request policy changes, and participate in the filing and processing of claims that typically take weeks and are executed as closures become business directions. The tasks required to be done for different customer activities, the platform provides support for robotising the required tasks to make this work easier. The customer activities are notified to the customer regularly via text or email from the specific department. By providing their customers with a portal with the convenience of self-service, customers can enjoy the freedom to do what is convenient for them, whenever they want.

  • Enterprise Product Configuration (EPC)  - Reduce time to market insurance and products of this quality. Developed for quick adjustment of product prices, illustrations, validation mechanisms, and automated testing modules, it enables rapid product implementation.
  • Multi-Channel Distribution Management Solution (McDMS)  - For general agencies, IFA, brokers, ALC (companies with leading agencies) to simplify the process by combining their different requirements. With integrated performance management and remuneration calculations, customers have seen increased sales with reduced administrative costs.

Want to know about One Two One Advisor? How beneficial is it?

One Two One Advisor has successfully gained a reputation with 20 plus companies. Such significant growth has been very helpful for the company. All the companies are very grateful to 121Advisor as it has been very beneficial in growing their business.


What are the critical operations provided by 121Advisor in the market?

All the processes and methods are fully regulated, and the specialists keep a keen eye on all the processes to make sure that the customers don’t face any problems. Each year the company tests its solutions to pass regulatory compliance and access it.


About the different feedback you get from your customers. How did the responses help enhance the service of the company?

The feedback and reviews that they get from different clients across the world are always positive. Customers are really satisfied with the company's services, and they keep asking for new service requests. The company is sure to grow with such a positive response from the public.


How do you describe your journey and the major challenges faced during the starting years?

Over the past 11 years, the company has seen major success in its business and has grown significantly. The company has always been focused on developing new solutions to benefit the customers. The introduction of a new knowledge portal, the website, is to provide a robust system on lifestyle advice and financial planning. It will also focus on the health and wellness of the people. With a health calculator mechanism, it is now really easy to calculate and understand financial needs.

Many people who don't understand this final cell need are often caught in financial debt. This calculator will implement a total health score solution to provide new ideas about any health issues. The company has many financial planning goals in the future like loans, retirement, child education and critical illness. The company has focused all its financial goals as per a person’s lifestyle. The company believes that health is wealth which is why this knowledge portal has grown to more than 5000 users.

What are the factors that helped the company gain recognition?

One Two One Advisor has become one of the most reputed companies, and there seems to be a major need to expand the solution to all the Asia Pacific countries. The firm also focuses on diversifying the business and its team to places such as the US and Europe. It aims at providing a reliable knowledge portal for everyone without considering language distinction.

How big is their team? 

Currently, one to one adviser has 35 team members. The business is expected to continue gaining success in the market because of its robust service.

Where do you see One Two One Advisor in the next couple of years from now?

The company  is planning to expand its business to Singapore and Indonesia to help people of that area experience a great care solution.

Anything else you want to say?

The company has seen significant growth over the last 11 years. With a successful team of experts it is planning to expand into other Asia Pacific countries to reach out to more people with diverse language systems.

The faces behind 121Advisor, Founder & CEO 

Kevin Steer is the Founder and CEO of 121Advisor. He said he started his business in 2010, and he was quite a technical person. He gives intelligent advisors to the team of Insurtech and Fintech. As the company's CEO, he is focused and provides well-developed database designs to his team. He likes to help his team by providing extra fields to the tables once he gets feedback. Being a technical guy, he knows exactly what to handle in the company.