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Top 10 Data Science Jobs for Freshers in 2022

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Data Science has risen to become one of the world's topmost emerging multidisciplinary approaches in technology. Recruiters are hunting for people with data science knowledge and skills these days. Entering the field of data science can be extremely rewarding and beneficial to your career due to its tremendous future advancement opportunities. Data Scientists collect, analyze, and interpret large amounts of data. The Data Scientist job description is a culmination of the work of a mathematician, scientist, statistician, and computer professional. By using advanced analytical tools, a data scientist interprets data and presents it in the form of meaningful information.


Top 10 Data Science Jobs for Freshers in 2022


As a fresher, you're probably curious about the various data science career options. Well, you are at the right place. This section will help you know the top 10 Data Scientist jobs for freshers.


  1. Machine Learning Engineers


Machine learning engineers are technically skilled programmers whose job is to research, develop, and design self-running software for automating prediction models. As a result, each time the program conducts an operation, it learns from the outcomes in order to perform operations even more accurately in the future. This is one of the highest-paying occupations in today's world.


Roles and Responsibilities


  • Design machine learning (ML) systems
  • Select the most appropriate data representation methods
  • Research and implement machine learning tools and algorithms
  • Choose data sets
  • Average Salary: USD 127,303 / INR 7,31,169 per annum


  1. Data Scientists


A data scientist’s role is to collect, analyze, and interpret massive amounts of data. Mathematicians, statisticians, scientists, and computer experts are all included in typical technical roles. Furthermore, this is an excellent career option for those who have an interest in data analysis.


Roles and Responsibilities


  • Finding data sources and automating the data collection process
  • Discovering patterns and trends by analyzing information
  • Performing data pre-processing on both structured and unstructured data
  • Creating predictive models and machine-learning algorithms
  • Average Salary: USD 81,361 (1-3 years) / INR 10,00,000 per annum


  1. Business Intelligence Professionals


A Business Intelligence professional’s role is to analyze complex databases to understand current market trends and how they affect company decisions. BI developers must use cloud-based platforms to design, prototype, and manage complex data. To pursue a career in BI development, one must have a strong understanding of data mining, data warehouse design, and SQL. 


Roles and Responsibilities


  • Write data collection and processing procedures
  • Ensure collecting, storage, and analysis of data is accurate
  • Report data findings to management
  • Monitor data collection
  • Average Salary:  USD 68,500 / INR 1,560,000 per annum


  1. Data Analyst


Data analysts’ job is to create and maintain data systems and databases. Apart from this, they fix any coding errors. Statistical tools are used to interpret data by the data analyst. Patterns and trends are given particular attention as they can be beneficial for predictive and diagnostic analytics. Analytical and leadership skills are a must for data analysts. There is a huge opportunity for freshers with an undergraduate or master's degree in computer modeling, analytics, science, or mathematics to get a job in this field. Check out the complete data analyst learning path.


Roles and Responsibilities


  • Use statistical approaches to analyze data and generate reports
  • Create and deploy data collection systems
  • Gather data and maintain data systems
  • Find, analyze, and interpret trends as well as patterns in complex data sets
  • Average Salary:  USD 69,869 / INR 455,970 per annum


  1. Data Warehousing Professionals



Within the framework of a project, data warehousing specialists are responsible for developing data management processes across a company. Furthermore, they construct software applications and computer programs for accomplishing data storage and management


Roles and Responsibilities


  • Develop, design, and create data models
  • Create plans for ETL methods and architectures
  • Verify the results and generate business reports
  • Monitor data loading and queries
  • Average Salary:  USD 111,347 / INR 5,00,730 per annum


  1. Data Architects


The data architect's job is to create blueprints for data management systems. They evaluate a company's potential data sources and devise a strategy to integrate, safeguard, centralize, and maintain them, allowing employees to access vital information at the right time and in the right place.


Roles and Responsibilities


  • Provide a framework for accurately replicating a company's big data requirements using data
  • Align a company's IT assets with its business objectives
  • Average Salary:  USD 121,000 / INR 20,41,159 per annum


  1. Business Analysts


Business analysts play a strategic role in identifying problems and suggesting solutions based on the facts found by a data analyst. In the field of data science, this is one of the most in-demand jobs.  One must obtain a bachelor's degree in a field such as business administration, finance, or economics.


Roles and Responsibilities


  • Create a detailed business analysis that outlines solutions to a company's problems
  • Forecasting and budgeting
  • Analysis of variance
  • Make a plan and monitor
  • Average Salary:  USD 74,461 / INR 6,90,000 per annum


  1. Database Administrators


Database administrators are responsible for managing, maintaining, and securing data in one or more data systems so that users can do analysis for business purposes. From a technological standpoint, they handle data storage, presentation, data management, and utilization, as well as analysis.


Roles and Responsibilities


  • Use database software to find new ways to store, organize, and manage data
  • Debugging; keeping databases up to date
  • Assisting with database design and development
  • Average Salary:  USD 97,400 / INR 5,05,780 per annum


  1. Game AI Developers


AI Developers work with Gameplay and physics programmers closely. They report to lead designers and work with gameplay designers to develop the game's neural networks and decision trees. They also work along with QA technicians to resolve issues that arise during testing.


Roles and Responsibilities


  • Set patterns for the game's rules
  • Create a framework for non-playable characters' artificial emotions and ideas
  • Research and design the AI elements that will enhance the game
  • Average Salary:  USD 71,295 / INR 2,92,035 per annum


  1. Statisticians


Statisticians collect, analyze, and evaluate data in order to find trends and relationships that can be utilized to make business decisions. Regular responsibilities of a statistician include data collecting process design, stakeholder communication, and organizational strategy advising. This job is demanded in both the private as well as public sectors as it combines statistical skills with expertise in other subjects.



Roles and Responsibilities


  • Gather, analyze, and interpret data
  • Recognize patterns and relationships in data
  • Design data collection process
  • Inform stakeholders about the findings
  • Average Salary: USD 92,270 / INR 5,50,000 per annum



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