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GCI Health: Best Healthcare Agency Recruiting and Retaining Best People in Communications

GCI Health
The Executive Headlines

GCI Health is a global integrated healthcare communications agency Inspired by People and  shares clients’ desire to improve the health of all people around the world and work tirelessly to contribute to their ambitious goals. 

GCI Health creates breakthrough, people-driven programs that drive tangible results for our clients and the people they serve while carefully curating a culture catalyzed by the belief that people should be as successful in their personal lives as they are in their professional ones.

A Straightforward Vision

GCI Health has a straightforward vision to be the best healthcare agency in the world with a mission to recruit and retain the best people in communications. It is a global integrated healthcare communications agency inspired by people. It shares the clients’ desire to improve the health of all people around the world and strives tirelessly to contribute to the ambitious goals. GCI’s approach to communications is rooted in looking at all stakeholders— patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, policymakers, reporters, and payers—as people with distinct perspectives that shape how they think about health. 

Offerings evolving with the Transforming Healthcare

GCI Health’s service offerings evolve with the transforming healthcare and communications landscapes. As the approach resonates with the influence of the stakeholder, the healthcare agency always stays abreast of demands and caters to the need accordingly. Change is the only constant throughout industries, and as people work, communicate and think about healthcare transforms dramatically making it essential to stay ahead of the curve. It is vital to find authentic ways to engage, contribute to the discourse, and support people living with health conditions. At GCI Health, the North Strat remains the breakthrough science, technology, and the people it is intended to help. 

The offerings can be further categorized as:

  • People Centricity: It is a proprietary approach to insight-driven communications that combines the business-based principles of customer-centricity and the value-based tenets of patient centricity to create breakthrough strategies and stories that speak to key stakeholders as people, first and foremost.
  • Media Relations: The team comprises media professionals and journalists who know media personally. The media team stays nimble to ensure the content delivered is advanced education, highly visual, and easy-to-follow that makes deep coverage possible.
  • Digital & Content Marketing: The proprietary research tools allow the team to understand the evolving concerns and key topics resonating with the audiences so the team can create strategies and content that reflect real-time changes in stakeholder perception.
  • Influencer Engagement: healthcare providers leveraging online platforms have significantly increased. Through these engagements, influencers can focus on customized strategies, ranging from well-known celebrities to micro-influencers in close-knit communities and taking many forms of co-created content.
  • Global Public Health: GCI has a unique understanding of the evolving global public health agenda that includes key trends, stakeholders, and the policy landscape around many areas that ensure a high level of strategic thinking and client counsel.

In addition to these, the offerings also include Scientific Communications, Product Launches, Corporate Communications, Internal Communications & Employee Engagement, B2B Strategies, Pricing-Access-Value-Excellence, Design and production, Virtual Stakeholders Events, Issues Management, Health Policy and Public Affairs, and Corporate Social Responsibility. GCI Health is continually recognized for creating breakthrough programming that delivers unprecedented results, ultimately adding to the clients’ business performance.

Plethora of Opportunities for Pharma & Healthcare

GCI Health has recently announced its expansion in the UAE. The rise in demand for healthcare and pharma has created an incredible opportunity for the GCI clients and colleagues to show up differently and allow them to capitalize on the fact that people are looking to the healthcare industry for science and solutions.

“GCI Health has a broad array of in-house capabilities designed around today’s rapidly evolving healthcare communications environment.”