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BioFunctional Health Solutions (BHS): Going Beyond Traditional Wellness with Most Elite Total Wellness Program

Brent Kruel
The Executive Headlines

BioFunctional Health Solutions (BHS) is the only full-service onsite and digital occupational health and wellness company to also provide soft tissue healthcare trusted by professional athletic teams. The team has coined the term “Health Assurance” which covers the total health and wellness of the employee. The focus is on eradicating the root causes of the three productivity killers, pain from MSK conditions, poor health and wellness including nutrition and fitness, and infectious disease prevention. BHS pairs the human expertise of highly trained nurses with the latest technology and best-in-class processes to individualize effective wellness programs that result in fast and measurable outcomes. These solutions cater to almost every industry niche and are affordable for companies from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.


Exclusive Array of Solutions


BHS is a technology-enabled total health and wellness provider. Its uniqueness and innovative approach have provided the company with a competitive edge. The company brilliantly couples the technology with the personal in-person touch, as total wellness cannot be achieved without the in-person aspect— especially true for MSK treatments. This customized hands-on approach is integrated with patented technology which brings employers the most effective and comprehensive solution to address MSK pain, nutrition, fitness, ergonomics, and much more. BHS’s total wellness approach offers:


  • Prevention: It curates customized programs that enable employees to achieve their healthiest selves through MSK injury prevention, nutrition, fitness, and other wellness strategies.
  • Assessment: BHS offers a patented MSK screening system that is trusted by professional athletes and administered by its highly trained registered nurses.
  • Self-Care Empowered: BHS is the first and only healthcare provider to successfully translate the clinical provider system into a complete MSK self-treatment application proven to resolve issues that cause MSK pain.
  • Treatment: the company specializes in MSK conditions treatment which is trusted by professional athletes to stay competitive and avoid surgeries.
  • Care Management: All this is done by BHS’s full or part-time, in-house registered nurses that manage the employees’ wellness needs to assure unmatched outcomes.


Additionally, BHS also offers a complete 3D mobility health screening that leverages a patented system, which identifies MSK issues and injuries. Additionally, the system can be used to assess treatment progress and objectively measure success by restoring range of motion. Similar technology is used by professional athletic teams in the United States, Europe, and Canada, and now BHS is planning to use it for the welfare of US employees. The onsite programs are supported by its proprietary system for scheduling and note-taking that provides valuable program data for utilization and outcomes to employers. 


Ideating Comprehensive Solutions


The pandemic of 2020 has majorly impacted the health and wellness of individuals worldwide. Many businesses were shifted to virtual platforms and remote working became the new norm. The current situation is one of the biggest triggers that can affect not only the physical but mental health of the employees. Amid the crisis, companies have increased their investment in health and wellness programs. Remote working employees are at a bigger risk of MSKs conditions due to poor ergonomics and posture hygiene practices. There is also a rise in sitting disease, which also contributes to double your risk of MSKs— according to the National Institute of Health— with the average working American spending more than 13 hours sitting every day.

As aforementioned, the team is also looking forward to launching YouMari— the first hands-on self-treatment system to identify and resolve MSKs from anywhere. The company’s mission is to make American employees feel their best and be their most productive by addressing the big three killers of productivity: pain; poor health and wellness; and infectious diseases; and it aims to continue on that path.


Augmenting Offerings According to the Future


Before COVID-19, infectious diseases have been wreaking havoc on the workplace with $11.2B in costs annually due to influenza alone. The pandemic underscored the need for better workplace public health practices to prevent infectious diseases from spreading.  Acknowledging the need, BHS has augmented its solutions and made it cost-effective for businesses with as few as 10 employees to have access to their registered nurses to implement simple processes and training to assure employees can return to work safely. 


“We embrace the power of awareness and will of the individual to optimize entire organizations.”