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The Executive Headlines

Rippleworx will work with you to discover the facts about the current situation and decide the most appropriate steps to take in order to develop a community that is sustainable, robust, and high-performing for your whole company. Rippleworx will increase the efficiency of the consumer team by prioritizing the well-being and potential of the people. Rippleworx can help consumers work at their best by using the company’s patent-pending data algorithms. RippleWorx is a SaaS website that can be used from a laptop or mobile device. Customers should put in place the best strategies to holistically empower their employees to accomplish their goals and affect the overall progress of their company by finding and clearly recognizing risks and opportunities.The company’s resources and datasets are combined to create a single source of reality and dashboard view for workload, expertise, and results. Rippleworx employs simple diagnostic evaluations in combination with cutting-edge analytical methods to measure constructive and critical sentiment within customers’ teams.

Features & Benefits of Rippleworx

Execute Growth and Empowerment : Individual contributions to personal and team goals with deliberte iterations improving and adjusting over time using integrated data allows a comprehensive view of your team's growth. The RippleWorx Goals module using our patented algorithm allows RippleWorx to bring value in a unique way by pinpointing pains.

Increase Performance Insights : Learning paths and growth plans can be vital for professionals. RippleWorx's Skills to Role map creates a place for tracking and managing skills associated with groups and roles, and triggers the ability to predict specialized formulas for each individual.

Gain Key Feedback and Results : Deliver key insights with just a few quick taps, review historical data to discover trends, and get feedback from all users on any topic. By using the Survey tool to engage users, the RippleWorx engine can gather key data for analytics.

Dive into Interactive Visualizations : The RippleWorx business intelligence is one of the most valuable parts of the RippleWorx software suite. By allowing a deep dive into each statistic in every use case, users are able to be engaged in a very unique and powerful way. In the RippleWorx system, the ability to create custom dashboards with data that is important to each user, the value added is immense.

Create a Custom Audience : User taxonomy that matches your organizational structure is necessary for success. Schedule, Chat, Survey and Assess via this taxonomy, and create custom users, groups, and roles that give you the audience you need.

Optimize Your Scheduling : Effortlessly schedule time with anyone, letting RippleWorx find the best meeting time that works for everyone you invite, while integrating with your device’s native calendar. The RippleWorx Calendar tool offers many unique features including resource management, maps and directions, custom alerts, and much more.

Communicate Securely : Stay connected with your team using a robust, fully-featured chat interface that is secured using our encrypted system. The RippleWorx Chat module keeps you up to date on the go with anything you need to communicate.

Video Integrations : Using RippleWorx's powerful video tool, you can assign videos to be reviewed, quiz the user on the content, or simply set a threshold for how much they need to watch in each video. Easily view who has seen the video, and who has yet to open it.

The Visionary

Timo Sandritter | President and Co-Founder, Rippleworx

Resourceful senior business executive and proven top performer with start-up and Fortune 500 experience. Highly skilled to scale organizations and develop long term strategies.
Expert in the transitioning of mix-generational workforce to meet tomorrow’s demands and ensure organizational readiness.
Strong track record in Business Leadership, Organizational Development, Strategic Planning, Human Resources, Legal Services, Sustainability, and Operations Management. Recognized by multiple Boards of Directors and C-Level executives for successfully building and retaining high- performance teams across multiple industries and driving the internal capabilities of the organizations. Quick to identify and develop talents and strengths of team players to ensure high productivity and mission success.