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Deep & Far Attorneys-at-law, furnish services in the domain of I.P. and general laws

20 Best Companies to Watch of 2021

Deep & Far
The Executive Headlines

Deep & Far Attorneys-at-law has been recognized as one of the 20 Best Companies to Watch of 2021 by The Executive Headlines .

The Leader C.F. TSAI, Founder, Deep & Far

C.F. TSAI, Founder, Deep & Far  has an impressive background in technology and law. He has been qualified as a local attorney-at-law and is the first person to have passed bars in both technology and law. After acquiring a bachelor’s degree in Mariné Engineering from National Chiao Tong University, C.F. TSAI worked with patents. He acquired his law degree from National Taiwan University, and soon after that, he earned his masters’ degree in Comparative Law from Soo Chow University.


Below are the highlights of the interview with C.F. TSAI, the Founder of Deep & Far


As one of the largest law firms, please help us understand the current state of the Legal sector? How has it changed in the last few years? What were the major changes that Deep & Far witnessed, and how did it impact the company?  

Sometimes, it becomes quite tricky for us to retain the old clients or win new client’s interest in our services. With our background knowledge, experience, and understanding, we believe that as long as we own competence or quality for our business products and competitiveness for our service prices, there are ample chances to retain old clients or acquire new clients.

How has rapid digitalization helped the Legal Sector? Also, since Deep & Far was established 29 years ago, how did you adapt to this rapid digitalization?  

Digitalization or artificial intelligence can better maintain and handle the documents, space, materials, and deadlines and substitute some basic labours. Moreover, an entity must succeed by optimizing the percentage of work performed by human resources and the computer. However, only God would know whether you have got the optimal division unless you have been trained to be smart enough to know all detailed and complex parameters.

Could you walk us through the journey that led to the establishment of Deep & Far? Also, how did you manage to maintain a successful run for such a long period? What is the little secret behind it?  

We had service experiences in the hugest I.P. and law firms. Because we found that other firms business models are not up to the mark and not imaginarily satisfactory, which cannot present competent and aggressive services to the best clients, we decided to establish the firm in 1992. We believe that the base and the secret for surviving in the market is perseverance, toughness and courage.

The longevity of the company is commendable. Can you walk us through various services offered by Deep &Far? Would you please elaborate on the services amongst which would you like to highlight in this article?  

We furnish services in the domain of I.P. and general laws. We actively want to highlight our patent services because our qualities in this respect are at the peak globally.  

When was the most challenging time in your startup journey, and why? What helped you to cope with it?  

The recent years have been the most challenging time for us because of market competition and the unprecedented pandemic situation of COVID-19.  

What encouraged and helped us sustain is the perseverance of adhering to quality service, the toughness of never neglecting quality service, and the courage to chase quality service endlessly.

How did Deep & Far manage to undergo the transition of remote working? What were the major challenges in that period?  

Because the pandemic in Taiwan is not notably serious, we divided into two groups shifting to work at the offices. Also, we are using a VPN for work by another group working from home.

How do you envision the industry in the post-COVID era? Do you believe any further developments in Deep & Far services are required to flourish in the post-COVID era?  

Because the patent industry will keep rolling, we staunchly believe that the values of perseverance of adhering to quality service, the toughness of never omitting or neglecting quality service, and the courage to chase quality service endlessly  are the most priceless tools to help Deep & Far prosper in the future.

Are there any expansion or growth plans under pipeline? What can we expect from Deep & Far in 2022?

We only know that we wish and need to stay with the values of perseverance, toughness and courage associated with quality services and consign the expected results to the universe what we should deserve and earn through adhering to such moral attributes.

Is there any message or particular announcement you would like to highlight in this article?   

Our firm will thrive because we are very potent and skilled in providing high-quality patent services especially when clients confront with a patent dispute which will reveal the value of our services. The clients will get their powerful and worthy patents, which are not forever available through other firms. We rely on our expertise to link the cooperation and partnership between the clients and this firm.

“20 Best Companies to Watch of 2021” features the companies who are outshining themselves in the industry. In the coming years, what change can Deep & Far bring in the industry?  

We desire to prove to the world about the patent society that quality competence and cost competitiveness can remarkably be obtained and evaluated by the services from this firm because most of the firms are either losing competence due to cost-down or offering excellent prices to acquire service opportunities. 

How have you raised funds so far? Give details if you approached the funding agencies? Who are the funders? Why do you think they funded you? 

I’m glad to have my sisters as my funders. I’ve ensured them that I will doubly refund the amount to them in the next seven years.

What do you feel are the reasons behind your company’s reputation? 

We provide valuable service quality to our clients. For us, quality service is more prominent than reputation. We believe that a business can survive only because of the valuable and worthy contribution by offering clients value-added services. Gradually, this approach has helped us to stand out, creating a robust reputation in the market.

What are some of the latest solutions offered by Deep & Far? 

We truly believe in bringing more better quality, client-oriented and non-defective services. Hence, we aim to provide these solutions to our clients as well.

How do you bridge the gap between what your clients already know and what’s next? 

The best approach that assists us in bridging the gap between the firm and clients is Newsletters, discussions and meetings in a personal or virtual way with the client.

Awards and achievements, if any?  

We received several awards from all I.P. survey entities, including:

Chambers & Partner; Managing I.P.; IP STARS; International Advisory Experts; Global Awards, Corporate INTL; Leading Lawyers, Asialaw; Innovation & Excellence Awards, Corporate LiveWire; I.P. Law Firm of the Year, Law Awards, Corporate USA Today; Global 100, Global Venture Awards; Asia’s Leading Patent Firms, Asia IP; The Legal 500 Asia Pacific; Patent 1000 The World’s Leading Patent Practitioners; Lawyer International Legal 100; Global Law Experts Annual Awards, Global Law Experts; Global Leading Lawyers, Worldwide Awards Magazine; Business Excellence awards; Lawyer Monthly; I.P. Expert in Advisory Excellence; I.P. Expert in ALB Who’s Who; Global Awards, M&A Today; I.P. Expert in Leaders-in-Law; I.P. Expert in Professional Sector Network.

What are your messages for budding entrepreneurs/young generation? 

Perseverance, toughness and courage are good friends that always assist you to succeed & progress in life.