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Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives and projects have moved from industry-specific niche applications into broader use cases and a plethora of deployment options. Startups typically continue to collaborate with Lemberg on new feature creation or expansion of existing functionality, since the Lemberg team already has the requisite product expertise. There may be a full-time team of engineers, data analysts, reviewers, and software engineers, as well as services such as DevOps on demand. The Cloud Brigade team has a wide range and breadth of expertise and knowledge in beautiful Santa Cruz, California, and currently works on advanced Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things projects, as well as custom product development. A broad range of activities and IT services are also supported by the team, including business intelligence, cloud computing, security and system support. Cloud Brigade and its entities have become a tested and reliable strategic IT specialist and supplier for small to large businesses since 2005, contributing to active consumer relationships, referrals and exponential market growth. Cloud Brigade provides personalized enterprise and technological expertise, focusing on developing creative projects and the opportunity to find and address difficult challenges that some do not.

The business has empowered non-profits and educational groups through technology and preparation since the formation of the Cloud Brigade, which strengthens their missions. As a result, the local staff and service network of the organization consists of the most cross-functional expertise. The business launched the futures of 40+ local college students during the 15 years of Cloud Brigade. As the Cloud Brigade team pushes boundaries to develop solutions unyet heard of, we have a bigger mission. The organization is committed to making consumers look good by delivering services that allow businesses to achieve meaningful results with a positive impact. Cloud Brigade provides custom business and technical services, specializing in building innovative projects and the ability to identify and solve complex problems others can’t.

“Depending on performance, security, cost and other compliance requirements, we’ve seen IoT deployments vary at the edge and within cloud workloads.” says Chris Miller, Founder, Cloud Brigade. However, Cloud Brigade sees a shift towards edge (and ‘near-edge’) computing, as well as increased IoT adoption rate due to the demand for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) projects. Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives and projects have moved from industry-specific niche applications into broader use cases and a plethora of deployment options. Due to this and IoT improvements around enhanced security, improved reliability/uptime (within public, private, hybrid clouds), improved operational efficiencies and expanded/improved data analytics, adoption rates are growing exponentially.

Cloud Brigade offers Reducing Risk (e.g., security, compliance), Developing New (or improve existing) Products or Services, and Optimizing Customers Operations (e.g., preventative maintenance and reduced downtime for IT/factory/field equipment). The company’s IoT projects have solved several issues related to: Datacenter management, monitoring & automation, Surveillance & security management, Supply chain/fleet management, Retail/point of sale, Healthcare/patient monitoring and Smart grid/smart city.

Cloud Brigade was launched by ScratchSpace Inc. (March) in Santa Cruz County – IT MSP and VoIP. Fun Fact: scratch space, aka, virtual memory, is the space on the hard disk drive that is dedicated for storage of temporary user data.