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Technology Connects People and Healthcare Systems

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The Executive Headlines

Cerner is a leader in innovation who encourages innovators to build technology to “advance the health care industry through improved interoperability capabilities” through the Cerner Open Developer Experience (code). Cerner is the largest independent healthcare IT company in the world and supplier of health information technology (HIT) services, devices, and hardware. Their technology connects people and systems worldwide, and their solutions support the clinical, financial, and operational needs of organizations of every size. Cerner provides strategic population health advisory services to help smaller medical practices navigate their transition phase.

Innovation has become a critical factor to economic growth and progress for all industries, and the pace of innovation is accelerating exponentially. Technology has always played a crucial role in healthcare, and with innovation being the cornerstone of success, Cerner is well prepared for the future. The Healthcare system is becoming extremely complex, and smaller practices face more challenges on the road to transformation into value-based care businesess. Cerner is progressively innovating to provide transformative solutions for patients and providers around the globe.

The Culture Differentiator

Cerner has managed to build a truly unequaled work culture. The pace of work can be termed ‘fast-paced’ as they believe in bringing tomorrow to life today. Cerner encourages their associates to share ideas, take initiatives, and be accountable for their work. Cerner believes that the growth of any industry depends on the growth of the industry’s individuals. Cerner’s cultural environment is an amalgamation of values and its vision to lead. The leadership has focused on cultivating these values within the Cerner culture.

Respect and Include: They encourage and empower the perspectives of every person. They embrace and value their diversity.

Integrity: Their integrity empowers them to be authentic, transparent, and honest and act with honor.

Collaboration: They believe in growth by listening, sharing, and improving with collaborators together.

Innovate to Simplify: They aim to reduce complexities and simplify the approach to resolution with their solutions.

Commit to Deliver: Commitment to delivery is their priority. Cerner’s quality innovations in healthcare IT are delivered on-time, and that’s a critical aspect of who they are.

The Service Portfolio

Services offered by Cerner help the company advance towards its vision of creating a connected healthcare world of the future. Cerner’s primary service areas of service are healthcare IT. They aim to satisfy the end-users, and to that end, they offer comprehensive four-level technical support, which plays a vital role in acquiring clients. Their offerings include the following,

Application Service: Their application service teams work very effectively with their client to deliver world-class support. They focus on improving end-user workflows, handling configurations, and upgrades.

Consulting: Cerner delivers through a model experience process that promotes learning based solutions, thus a highly customized approach with a faster turnaround. Clinicians are provided more time to provide care, reduce financial friction, and take care of patients at the center. Together they aim at making communities healthier.

Health and Wellness Consulting: The experienced consultants provide clients with customized plans to help meet the organization’s workforce health goals. They handle everything from creating a strategic plan to the administration of the client’s program.

Hosting and Monitoring: They ensure improving the availability and performance of their consumer’s solutions and help them meet their healthcare and business objectives.

IT Management and Alignment: Through effective partnerships with collaborators, they manage all aspects of the IT department, including implementations, system management, support, and clinical adoption.

Network and Security: They believe in protecting and monitoring confidential patient information as a critical aspect of every healthcare organization.

Regulatory Services: They provide a complete package of regulatory consulting services to their consumers.

Developments and Future Outlook

Cerner is leading a new era of healthcare innovations, and they understand the responsibility on their shoulders. They recently announced a collaboration with Amazon to allow consumers to easily connect vital health and well-being information with their healthcare teams. Amazon Halo, a service that helps customers improve health and wellness, can collaborate with Cerner’s technology backend to help individuals opt-in to share activity, sleep, body fat, and other essential wellness data from the comfort of their homes. Cerner is focused and moving towards providing new and innovative healthcare IT solutions by engaging more global consumers.


Meet the Leader Brent Shafer, Chairman and CEO, Cerner

As chairman of the Board of Directors and chief executive officer of Cerner, Brent Shafer focuses on growing and expanding Cerner’s market-oriented business units, consumer brand, key strategic relationships and priority corporate initiatives.

Previously chief executive officer of Philips North America, Shafer oversaw a health technology portfolio that included a broad range of solutions and services covering patient monitoring, imaging, clinical informatics, sleep and respiratory care as well as a group of market-leading consumer-oriented brands. Shafer was also previously the chief executive officer of the global Philips Home Healthcare Solutions business.

Shafer has extensive experience driving value-based business models from a foundation of innovation. He has helped lead the growth of a complex multinational organization over a number of years in senior leadership positions with Philips. He has also served in senior leadership positions at other companies, including GE Medical Systems, Hill-Rom and Hewlett-Packard. Shafer started his career at Intermountain Healthcare’s Primary Children’s Hospital.

Shafer is active in the Health Management Academy, a network of executives from the nation’s largest integrated health systems and the industry’s most innovative companies striving to shape the future of health care. He is also a member of the Healthcare Leadership Council, a forum for the nation’s health care leaders to jointly develop policies, plans and programs to achieve their vision of a system that makes affordable, high-quality care accessible to all Americans.

He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah.