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BrandLoom is one of India’s most sought-after digital marketing and branding agencies. The digital space presents tremendous opportunities- and as more customers come online- it also throws exciting challenges on the regular. We relish tackling them- and are willing to experiment to come up with innovative solutions

The Executive Headlines

BrandLoom has been recognized as one of the 20 Innovative Companies to Watch of 2021 by The Executive Headlines.

Below are the highlights of the interview with Avinash Chandra, founder & CEO of BrandLoom 

Why was BrandLoom Consulting started? And how did you expand your company and its offerings over the years? 

BrandLoom  was born because I wanted to work independently. I had a vision and confidence in myself. I wanted to experiment and test out new ideas. I realized that though there were many marketing agencies in the market- nobody was thinking strategically. As a result, most companies were saddled with marketing plans that gave them poor returns on investment and left them in the red. Being an entrepreneur myself, I understood the importance of ROI- and wanted to give clients the same. 

Over the years, we prioritized ROI. We promised results and found the formula that ensured the delivery of the same. From just a handful of sporadic projects, we grew to handle more brands. Our headquarters are in Gurgaon because that is where we started- but we started to get inquiries and acquire projects from all over India. 

With time, we grew our presence. Our next stop was in Mumbai- India's business capital. From there, we expanded to Pune and Bangalore. We have also extended our presence in Singapore- and are now set to debut in London and New York. 

How successful was your first project roll on? Share the experience. 

To be honest, the first few months were packed with disappointments. But we got our first major project- which was a jewelry brand. We were tasked with updating and maintaining their website. We grabbed the opportunity with both hands- and put our 100% in it. And it paid off. With careful planning and execution, we got them the traffic they desired. It was also a great learning experience- because we came across many practical issues that we hadn't thought of when we started. Looking back, I would say it was an exciting time- though it was hectic and demanding.

What kind of mixed responses have you received from your consumers over the years? How have they motivated you to shape your offerings/grow the company? 

When you run a business- you have to accept that you cannot make everyone happy. We have had bad days. Some people we have worked with us have told us point blank that we have not met their expectations. 

But thankfully- they comprise a tiny fraction of our total experience. A significant majority of our clients are happy and have stuck with us for a long time. Many others keep coming back to us. 

More than our successes, it is the unhappy customers who have motivated us to evolve. We have analyzed their feedback carefully and tried our best to overcome our issues. And I am happy to say that we have successfully plugged in many gaps- and have even gotten back clients who were otherwise ready to call it quits. Negative feedback helped us realize that we need to keep doing better and keep improving ourselves. 

What challenges did you face in the initial years? What can your peers learn from it?

The biggest challenge in the initial years was, of course, getting clients to sign with us. Every new business face this- the rejection for being the new kid on the block. The second was finding the right people for our organization. But thankfully- we have managed to prove ourselves time and again and have set on a path of growth. At the same time, we have built up a team of professionals whose vision aligns with ours, and they are some of the brightest minds working in the industry today.

The takeaway here - 1) Don’t lose hope. Rejections will happen- but you have to persevere. 2) When you get your first opportunity- seize it with both hands and give your 200%. If you can prove yourself there, the second one will roll in. 3) Find the RIGHT people. Understand that every organization’s needs are different, and not all talented people will fit with you. Focus on people whose attitude and values reflect yours- and nurture them. You will find that they will take you places that others cannot.

Fostering a culture of feedback is crucial to the success of every organization. How is this true with your company?

It's a no-brainer that if you want to grow, you have to listen to feedback. It's been true for BrandLoom too. We mainly got positive feedback from our clients- but also some negative ones. While positive feedback bolstered our confidence and motivated us to push ourselves to get more- the negative ones helped us introspect. We tried to review ourselves objectively and from the client's perspective. When something stuck out, we wanted to fix it instead of being defensive about it. It's a process of growth- and we upskilled ourselves and ironed out the flaws in our way of working. Over time, this has helped us deliver better results and resulted in acquiring more clients. 

About adaptability, how do you stay relevant to the consumer interests and needs in this highly volatile market?

The only way to stay relevant in an ever-changing world is to be agile. And that is possible only when you are ready to step out of your comfort zone. We are constantly experimenting and trying to learn new things. At the same time, we try to stay atop industry developments and trends. Being a marketing company, it’s our job to keep studying the market and customer demands- and we keep doing it so that we are always on the know of what our customers like and want. 

If you have to list five factors that have been/are the biggest asset to your organization, what would they be and why? 

Five factors will be: 

  1. Our focus on ROI- this approach has helped us give the best results to our clients. This also helps us get results organically and ensure long-term growth for our clients. 
  2. Taking data-backed decisions- numbers don’t lie. Our insights help us understand what works and what doesn't, which helps us plan the right strategies.
  3. In-depth technical expertise- understanding algorithms in the digital age is what keeps us ahead of our competitors.
  4. Willingness to experiment- if you don’t try out new things, you will never innovate. We encourage experimentation within the company and are happy to say the results are almost always promising.
  5. Our team- a company is nothing without its people. Our team brings talent, focus, and hard work to the table and ensures our clients stick with us. 

Customer service varies, but companies can still be successful. How do you maintain the quality of your services?

By being consistent in our deliveries and by listening to feedback. We try to be better at what we are good at and improve where needed. 

What do you feel are the reasons behind your company’s reputation?

Two reasons determine our reputation- our people and our ability to deliver results. We have some of the most talented people in the industry in our team. They come up with innovative ideas, strategize carefully and execute projects flawlessly. 

Our strategies are based on data. As a result, we can give our clients a reasonably accurate idea about what they will get and ensure a good ROI. Being precise on that front helps us deliver the results that we promised. 

Do you have any new products or services ready to be/getting ready to be launched? 

As I said before, we are expanding overseas now and are set to debut in UK and USA. We are also paying more attention to video marketing and ramping up our video capabilities. 

About your plans, where do you see your company a couple of years from now? 

I thank my stars that even in the pandemic, we have been lucky to grow. In a few years, we hope to expand our footprint in Mumbai and find a solid footing in the UK and the USA. 

Avinash Chandra, founder & CEO, shares his professional lives

He says, “I decided to strike out on my own after spending 20 years in the marketing field. Having worked with many brands and leading marketing operations- I decided to launch my own branding and digital marketing company”

I have worked with Opple, Philips, Hanes, and Bausch & Lomb as a marketing professional and leader. With BrandLoom, I continue to work with and build Indian and international brands. So far, it has been an exciting journey. Today, I can say with pride that BrandLoom is one of India’s most sought-after digital marketing and branding agencies.

Quote: The digital space presents tremendous opportunities- and as more customers come online- it also throws exciting challenges on the regular. We relish tackling them- and are willing to experiment to come up with innovative solutions. This, and our determination to do right by our clients, is what has made us come this far- and keeps us going.