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AireSpring provides fully managed and connected end-to-end, next-generation solutions for multi-location enterprise customers.

Aire Spring
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AireSpring has been recognized as one of the 20 Fastest Growing Companies to Work in 2021 by The Executive Headlines


Meet the Responsible Leader | Avi Lonstein, CEO

Avi Lonstein has been a telecom entrepreneur for over 25 years. In 1989, Mr. Lonstein co-founded ADDTEL Communications. As President of ADDTEL, he was directly responsible for growing the company from a start-up operation to one of the country’s most successful nationwide long distance resellers. Under Mr. Lonstein’s direction, ADDTEL was recognized as one of the telecom industry’s most innovative and well-managed companies, and experienced substantial growth during his tenure.
Mr. Lonstein’s next entrepreneurial venture was AireSpring which he co-founded in 2001. Mr. Lonstein and his team foresaw the massive changes in telecom technology, and rapidly built AireSpring’s own next-generation IP network to become a full-fledged VoIP carrier, offering a range of SIP Trunking and telephony services. Mr. Lonstein later spearheaded development of the company’s own nationwide MPLS network and created an innovative Mesh MPLS product that has won several awards. As chief executive officer for AireSpring, Mr. Lonstein is responsible for the company’s operations, strategy, and transformation into a nationwide provider of managed services for IP communications, intelligent networking and cloud computing applications and services. He continues to lead AireSpring as the company expands its portfolio of award-winning services and applications to keep it on the cutting edge.


The Company:

AireSpring is a supplier of cloud communications and connectivity tools to thousands of companies around the country. AireSpring offers fully managed and connected endto-end, next-generation solutions for multi-location enterprise customers, including SD-WAN, Unified Communications (UCaaS), Business VoIP, Hosted Phone Systems, SIP Trunking, MPLS, Managed Failover, Managed Security and Internet. AireSpring products are delivered through a diversified network of distribution partners, including dealers, master agents, regulated service providers, and value-added resellers. AireSpring’s offerings are distributed over the groundbreaking national MPLS MESH network, supplying consumers with a vertically automated, endto-end system from a single provider.

Established in 2001, AireSpring is a privately owned, stable, and debt-free Managed Services provider specialized in Digital Networking, Managed Networks, and Controlled IT Services. AireSpring represents more than 20,000 companies in North America. AireSpring is one of the biggest national SIP networks in the U.S., and the company handles over 4.5 billion calls every month. The company is working with over thirty global network operators. The business specializes in midmarket, multi-location businesses providing one charge, one point of contact, and one professional provider of high-touch, white gloves, and support services. The company is known in the industry for offering a wide variety of innovative products at affordable prices. The company’s industry-leading technologies, Managed Networking and Cloud Communications are custombuilt to suit the user’s enterprise’s unique needs. The company has built a solid reputation for integrity, reliability, and dependability with its channel partners, end-user customers, and technology providers.

" AireSpring blends the newest technologies and innovations with a dedication to offer the best standard, reliability, and value at a fair price "

“We have received more than 100 coveted industry awards including “Product of the Year”, “Excellence in Customer Service”, “Unified Communications Excellence”, “Best in Show,” “Best Telecom Deal” and “Top Channel Program”. Avi Lonstein, CEO, AireSpring.” says Avi Lonstein, CEO, AireSpring. The company’s products are offered through a diversified network of distribution members, including dealers, master brokers, Regulated Service Providers (MSPs), and Value-Added Resellers (VARs). The business offers goods through a range of managed networking solutions, such as the national MPLS Mesh network, which provides consumers with a fully integrated system and end-to-end Level of Service (QoS). Besides, the organization also offers goods over existing consumer connexion channels.

AireSpring’s executive team consists of industry professionals. Most of them have more than 15 years of international communications experience with businesses ranging from regional networks to some of the world’s most giant telecommunications conglomerates. AireSpring blends the newest technologies and innovations with a dedication to offer the best standard, reliability, and value at a fair price. AireSpring Powered Networking is a groundbreaking new approach to ease the challenge of incorporating cloud computing technologies into IP networks. AireSpring provides an end-to-end managed connectivity solution that is completely integrated with the company’s awardwinning cloud communications platform to equip the business with fast, stable, and efficient resources.

The unique advantage of the AireSpring Feature is what sets AireSpring Controlled Networking apart from other solutions. The organization owns, controls, and supports its integrated IP network and has years of expertise in managing the challenges and complexities of combining cloud networking technologies with today’s IP networks. AireSpring brings together all the advantages of the Internet, SIP Trunking, Local, Long Distance, MPLS-VPN, and Conferencing services in one place. The business offers the highest pricing and assistance, the broadest national market network, a single point of touch, and an easy-to-read bill from various underlying service suppliers.