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Radio Liberty fined $325,214 for publishing Fake News

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US-backed broadcaster radio liberty/radio free Europe has been fined 20 million roubles which is equal to $325,214 by a Moscow court for publishing and failing to delete fake news about the military operation in Ukraine. The report was published by Interfax, an independent Russian news agency, headquartered in Moscow.

The website of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty was blocked by Russia’s communications watchdog.


Radio liberty’s condition in recent times


Interfax reported that Radio Liberty didn’t agree to delete the reports that included a tally of deaths of civilians and Russian service personnel in Ukraine. The real fact is that Russia has not provided military camp quality figures since March.

Radio liberty runs a News website." After giving all the files from March we are suspending their operations in Russia as we have been declared bankrupt and the police are pressuring their journalists intentionally." A hearing on this matter of bankruptcy is going to take place on Monday the radio liberty said in March that they have the target, to tell the truth. So, they continued their reporting on Russia from outside of the country.


Russia’s decision about this


Russia has passed legislation that says that any journalist who intentionally publishes reports at variance with Moscow’s account, will be imprisoned for 15 years. In February Russia started sending its armed forces to Ukraine. According to Moscow, this campaign is not a war or invasion but a necessary step to stop the Western world from attempting Ukraine to threaten Russia and persecute Russian speakers.

Moscow warned US news organizations that they can be stripped of their accreditation unless the treatment of Russian journalists improves in the United States. According to Ukraine, these are baseless things on the basis of which land grabs and killing of thousands, flattering of cities, and driving 6 million people abroad is happening.

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