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Zoom is adding email and calendar and new features

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Zoom, the video calling app is making the platform more useful by adding email and calendar features. It is doing so to be in competition with other workspaces like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.


Announcement in Zoomtopia conference

According to Engadget " At its Zoomtopia conference, the company announced a bunch of features that are coming to its platform, including two key ones for productivity: email and calendars. You can connect third-party email and calendar services to Zoom and access them through the desktop app. The company says that can help save you time instead of having to switch between apps and perhaps needing to hunt for the right tab in your browser.

Those on the Zoom One Pro or Zoom Standard Pro plans will be able to set up email accounts through the platform, and folks with certain plans have the option to use custom domains. You'll get up to 100GB of storage included. The key selling point is that messages sent directly between Zoom Mail Service users (i.e. those who use Zoom's email hosting services) will have end-to-end encryption. You'll also be able to send external emails that can expire and contain access-restricted links."


Zoom's Blog about the new feature

About The new features Zoom in one of its blogs said, " The Zoom Mail and Calendar Services (beta) are targeted at small-to medium-business customers who particularly value email privacy. The Zoom Mail Service will provide end-to-end-encrypted email when messages are sent directly between active Zoom Mail Service users, and the Zoom Calendar Service will include an appointment booking feature, an easy way for participants to select an available time to meet on Zoom. For more information on Zoom Mail and Calendar, read our announcement blog."


Other New features

They have also updated and talked about some new features in Zoom Team Chat, Zoom Phone, Zoom Rooms etc.

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