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Can ‘Zoho Marketing Plus’ drive business growth and improve customer experience?

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In a piece of recent news, Zoho Corporation has announced the ‘Zoho Marketing Plus’ platform to enhance the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies.


The Zoho Marketing Plus


Zoho Corporation is a leading global technology company. The Zoho Marketing Plus is a new unified platform that brings together marketing activities across campaign ideation, creation, execution, management, and measurement. It further provides stakeholders across the entire marketing organization with a single, shared view of critical information for improved collaboration and results. In addition, Zoho Marketing Plus increases the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies by giving marketing leaders a deeper understanding of customer preferences and behaviors so they can deliver dynamic, high-value customer experiences that drive brand affinity and customer happiness.


According to Sundeep MV, Chief Marketing Officer for Techademy:

Our previous marketing solution required time-consuming and costly customization and engineering support just to provide experiences for our customers that didn't scale or produce meaningful insights. We embraced Zoho Marketing Plus, integrated Zoho CRM, and now we have a full-stack, unified sales and marketing solution wherein every relevant stakeholder in the organization is armed with the data and tools to increase engagement and drive customer experience. Our evangelism, marketing, pre-sales, and sales teams collaborate within a single dashboard on the platform, which houses all of the content and data we use to derive actionable insights and grow the business.


Leveraging Technology Solutions


CMOs require their teams to leverage technology solutions that capture customer insights in ways that add value both to the business and customers. Through automation and business intelligence, the platform synchronizes engagement data to help marketing teams better understand customers, make more informed decisions, and ultimately drive better results, growth, and revenue.

According to Manu Vembu, Chief Operating Officer at Zoho, “Consumers and digital marketing continue to evolve at warp-speed, and marketers are struggling to keep up. It's becoming increasingly difficult to properly manage multiple campaigns, channels, customer profiles, data, and ROI. The complexity of data and personalization at-scale only raises pressure on marketers and CMOs to deliver effective campaigns and revenue. By eliminating redundancies and confusion arising from multiple siloed solutions, Zoho Marketing Plus maximizes productivity.


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