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New Samsung Smartwatches are capable of fast charging: FCC filing suggests

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Samsung, one of the most trusted companies of today regarding Smartphones has filed new models of its wearable device. New models of Samsung's wearable device Samsung Smartwatch filing has been done to FCC. From the filing one update about the new smartwatches can be presumed. That is the devices are going to be attributed with the fast charging facility.


Problem in earlier versions of Samsung Smartwatch (4 series)


Earlier Samsung Smartwatch, like older versions of Apple Watches, were not capable of fast charging. As a result so many problems were  faced by the users. Charging used to take at least two hours. So before going out the user had to confirm whether she or he started charging it a couple of hours earlier to her or his departure. If the user forgot to charge it in advance it was of no work to take it outside. Added to tha,t for those who use a sleep tracker, a quick charging before bed was mandatory. Earlier the device's battery didn't last for the whole night. Apple's older versions of watches had the same problem but with Apple watch 7 series the company introduced this. Though Samsung is a leading company in the market Samsung's smartwatches used to lag behind in comparison to Fitbit and other fitness trackers. So prioritizing battery life is very important for Samsung in this case.


The Filing


The filing was first noticed by 9 to 5 Google

They reported, "A few models of the Galaxy Watch 5 have hit the FCC in the past day, confirming model numbers as well as a few details about the upcoming smartwatches. SM-R900, SM-R910, and SM-R920."

They also said, "By far the biggest detail here, though, is with charging speeds on the Galaxy Watch 5. The device supports 5V/2A speeds, coming down to 10W. That’s slow by smartphone standards, but it’s effectively double what the Galaxy Watch 4 offered, which was around 5W."

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