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30 amazing facts about the universe and solar system

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The mysteries of the universe are something that leaves us speechless every time. They not only make us spellbound but also make us wonder how such a thing can be possible. Our solar system consisting of the Sun and other celestial bodies has a lot of facts - some revealed and some unrevealed that can surprise us in innumerable ways. This gravitationally bound system of the Sun along with other celestial bodies was formed 4.6 billion years ago but continues to shock us with new revelations time and again. It is always interesting to learn and discover new things about the universe and the solar system and the below mentioned facts are going to leave you spellbound.


1)The universe keeps on expanding. It is endless and subject to expand even more in future. Nobody knows as to how big this universe is and this in itself is amazing!


2) Our solar system is 4.6 billion years old and was formed due to the gravitational collapse of a very small part of a molecular cloud which was very giant. This was the birth of the solar system we read about now!


3) Scientists believe that the earth is going to be destroyed by some celestial phenomenon in the next billion years. This is fascinatingly scary!


4) For a modern spacecraft to reach the center of our galaxy, it is going to take almost 450 million years. This gives us an idea how unimaginably vast our universe is.


5) As in the space you cannot take off your helmet, Spacesuit helmets thus, provide a Velcro patch if you have an itch by chance.


6) There is something mysterious about the fact that The Milky Way is being eaten by some unidentified mass. It's consuming portions of the galaxy and this is really scary.


7) Cannibal galaxy : Our galaxy also has chances to collide with a galaxy named Andromeda galaxy which is known for consuming other galaxies.


8) There are more than 200 moons in our solar system. Jupiter and Saturn have the most number of moons orbiting around them while Mercury and Venus have no moons.


9) Venus is the hottest planet and has the highest temperature because of the presence of gases in its atmosphere.


10) 99% of the mass in our galaxy is of the Sun. More than a million earths could fit into the sun. Can you imagine the size?


11) The rings of Saturn are too big. They are 175,000 miles long and 3,200 ft thick.


12) It is amazing to know that scientists detected a radio signal in space from 5 billion years away. And what's mind-blowing is that the earth did not even exist at the time the source transmitted it.


13) The same side of the moon is always visible to us. Though the moon has its phases, still we see the same side of it. Because it has both rotation and revolution.


14) As mentioned above, Jupiter has the maximum number of moons. It has 79 moons and the largest of it is Ganymede.


15) Venus has the snowfall of metals and precipitation that has acid. It is due to the presence of sulfuric acid and gases in it.


16) The first soft-drink to be consumed in space was Coca-Cola. Astronauts on the Space Shuttle Challenger drank coke for the first time on 12th July, 1985 in space and apple sauce was the first food eaten in space by John Glenn.


17) The first artificial satellite in space was Sputnik. Launched by the Soviet Union, its technology and working was mind-blowing.


18) Astronaut stool has to be transported to the earth by means of spacecraft. They do not have regular bowel movement in zero gravity, so the stool is collected and sent back to earth for disposal.


19) There are planets that orbit other stars. They are called Explanets. 4000 Explanets have been discovered.


20) The moon has no wind. The marks that are left on the moon stay forever because of this.


21) The moon is moving 4 cm away from the earth every year. It is believed that it would move out of the earth's gravitational field in a billion years.


22) Mars has a blue sunset. It is because it captures blue light from the sun.


23) The Moon is about 27% the size of the Earth. The earth is thus, 81 times more than the Moon.


24) There is no atmosphere on Mercury. This is why it is not the hottest despite being the closest to the Sun.


25) The weight of a planet is measured by scientists through its gravitational pull. It is calculated by the time it takes for objects to orbit it, and the distance of those objects from the planet.


26) The very famous Halley's comet which was last seen in 1986 won't be seen again until 2061. Chinese astronomers began to record its passing after 164 B.C.


27) Two pieces of the same type of metal which touch in space can bond permanently. It is due to the absence of water and air in space.


28) There is no count as to how many stars are there in space.


29) There is a theory that says moon was once a part of the earth.


30) Iapetus is a two-tone moon orbiting around Saturn. It has one icy half and one dark half.


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