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Facebook's New Algorithm in 2018 raised support for the Republican Party

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In this age of social media, Facebook, the most famous social networking website, has become quite popular and influential. The researchers have found that Facebook's New Algorithm, which changed in 2018, has become the reason for people to support the Republican Party over Democratic Party.


Facebook's New Algorithm


Kevin Reuning, an assistant professor of political science at Miami University in his research states, “When you’re talking about broad movement across hundreds of different vocal groups, you have to have something changing in the ecosystem,”. He also said “When you take away those other possibilities, you’re left with this black box algorithm where no one really knows what gets shown and what doesn’t get shown and why.”

The main reason behind this is MSI or Meaningful Social Interactions. According to some internal documents of Facebook and research from outside,  letting MSI influence how the content appeared to people made the social media an angrier and polarized place so it benefited the groups who shared the most divisive, shocking and misinformed content. Thus, leading to changes in Facebook's New Algorithm.


Meta's statement


Dani Lever, a spokesperson for Meta, said.

“While we were barred from reviewing this research, it doesn’t add up with what MSI actually did, which was to reduce the amount of public content — like that of political parties — on the platform. The trends here instead seem to coincide with a divisive election cycle, and since the differences between political parties in the U.S. have been growing for decades, the idea that a change to Facebook ranking would fundamentally shift how people choose to engage with political parties is implausible,”

Now it will be very interesting to see if Meta does something for Facebook's New Algorithm to stay away from any type of activity which can influence the political scenario of one nation and eventually or the world or tries to mold its website's inner policy in such a way so that it cannot be used in political purpose.

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