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PS4 and PS5 games are discounted through Sony’s online store

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The Executive Headlines
2021-07-22 17:49:55

digital PS4 and PS5 games are discounted through Sony’s online store. You can get these discounts through the consoles themselves, through the mobile app or by signing in and purchasing them through its website here.

here are 1,264 games and other kinds of content on sale, and it’s a great time to load up on PS5-exclusive games that rarely see a discount, as well as newer PS4 releases that are compatible on the newer console.

Woot is selling brand-new Pixel 2 XL models with 128GB of storage in either the once-coveted “Panda” colorway, with white and black on the back, or in black. , which is a great deal for the specs you’re getting, and because it works with most carriers and the bootloader’s unlocked for easier software flashing. Keep in mind Google’s Pixel 2 XL no longer receives security updates or any other kind of software tweaks, but if that’s no bother to you, this could be a solid phone to pick up.