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Is iPhones' Data safety a lie

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The security and privacy of data of iPhone users is just a myth. According to some resources, the iPhone does not act upon the same as the company's promise of not seeking into the phones of the customers.

The matter came into notice of the print and social media after a report by Gizmodo which says,"For all of Apple’s talk about how private your iPhone is, the company vacuums up a lot of data about you. iPhones do have a privacy setting that is supposed to turn off that tracking. According to a new report by independent researchers, though, Apple collects extremely detailed information on you with its own apps even when you turn off tracking, an apparent direct contradiction of Apple’s own description of how the privacy protection works."


Report by independent researchers


Two independent researchers were interviewed by Gizmodo. "The problem was spotted by two independent researchers at the software company Mysk, who found that the Apple App Store sends the company exhaustive information about nearly everything a user does in the app, despite a privacy setting, iPhone Analytics, which claims to “disable the sharing of Device Analytics altogether” when switched off. Gizmodo asked the researchers to run additional tests on other iPhone apps, including Apple Music, Apple TV, Books, and Stocks. The researchers found that the problem persists across most of Apple’s suite of built-in iPhone apps."




Apple is facing legal action right now. It accuses Apple of violating the California Invasion of Privacy Act. Privacy is one of the main issues that Apple uses to set its products apart from competitors,” the plaintiff, Elliot Libman, said in the suit, which can be read on Bloomberg Law. “But Apple’s privacy guarantees are completely illusory.”

The company has plastered billboards across the country with the slogan “Privacy. That’s iPhone.”


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